Mummy and Daughter time; a luxury? Nah, a necessity

Last Monday I took my Mini Me off for breakfast. We had to get up early (for a holiday) at 8am to take DP to school. Poor lad, he's in his GCSE year so he had 4 days in school for revision and extra cramming during his Easter holidays. Thank God this week has been easier on the lad, with a chance for more lie ins.
A fruit smoothie for elevenses?
So we took the opportunity of spending quality time together, Mummy and Daughter. This was a chance to go to Dunelm Mill (we have a new one near us now; we both love a good smooch in a homewares store) and to indulge in their excellent breakfast special; pot of tea and a bacon bap for 2.95.
It's always expensive to take a whole family out; breakfast for all of us would very easily mount up to £15 or £18. This way even with our coffee and cake for elevenses it came to about £10 for a morning's worth of quality family interaction.

Does anyone else love those caramelised biscuits? I adore them!
 This way we got to talk about life, school, our cares and worries in a very easy way. Talking as you smooch and sip tea is often easier than setting out to have a heart to heart. It's good. I feel like I touched base and made sure The Princess was still happy with life.
And, yes, we did buy some stuff, but that post belongs to another day.

No more pictures, please Mum! Just drink your coffee!!


  1. Awww, isn't girly time fab? Don't get me wrong, I love time with my boy, especially now he's older, we get on so well and have the same sense of humour, actually, both my kids have the same sense of humour as I do, Mick often feels left out, but girly time is different somehow. I know what you mean about the cost of taking a family out compared to two of you going out, especially now they're not children anymore, you're paying the bill for four or five adults. I didn't realise that your eldest was the same age as Eleanor. She was in school for four days last weeks too, she's having to work for her grades whereas it came to Daniel so much easier. I just hope that her grades reflect the hours she's put in, but she can only do her best and I'll be proud of her whatever because I know she's really worked hard. Three weeks to go, good luck to DP.

    1. Thank you! We're counting down to 13th June and the Last Exam. Mind you, next year is AS levels, the year after is A levels and GCSEs for Number 2 and on it goes...... I think I worked out we would have significant exams for the next 7 years!

    2. It's the same here. Daniel had GCSE's, AS's then A's and then we start all over again with Eleanor, six years of exams.


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