Grand Day....

Grand National Day, that is.
I love the National. It is THE race of the year (I live in Liverpool, so I have to say that. I've never been but, if I possibly can, I watch it and really get very emotional about it. Expect me to be in tears at 4.30 when we know who has won and find out the story this year. There is always a story; the one bought in error, the one named for a sister or mother, the one injured and ridden by a recovering jockey, the story the romance, the very feeling that this is our race!
So this afternoon I am not at Aintree (again) and I am not even at my Mum's. I am at home, and having an ideal afternoon. My daughter is just not stopping talking, my hook is busy rippling and I have my form guide in front of me, a cup of tea brewing and Tunnock's Tea cakes to enjoy.
My choices; Monbeg Dude, Vintage Star
Mr AJ's; Hawkes Point, Wayward Prince
DP; Swing Bill, Walk On (my other choice if i was allowed 3)
JW; Battle Group, The Rainbow Hunter
The Princess; Teaforthree, Rose of the Moon.
We don't place money, we run a family sweepstake. Top horse from our choices wins £5, 2nd wins £3 and 3rd wins£2.


  1. Have fun! We have the Kentucky Derby here, in a few weeks, and I enjoy that too. I know how you feel, it's fun!

  2. I didn't even realise it was on today. It always makes me laugh tho', when I was young the whole family used put in 2p, a WHOLE 2p, each to choose a horse and the winner or nearest scooped the lot. Anyway, that year my Sister's horse won and when she received the wining pot she burst into tears and was inconsolable as she thought she had won the actual horse!!!

    Tunnocks are the best! Every Christmas we used to get their festive box which was amazing as they did a meringue log which only ever came out in Dec. I am often reminded of that when my journey home from work sometimes takes me past the factory on Uddingston's main street. Apparently, they do tours but have a really long waiting list!

    1. I love the idea of winning the real horse! I always loved national Velvet (the book more than the film) and dreamed of owning the Pie. I wish someone would remake it for modern times.
      And the Tunnocks are my treat. Nobody else in the family likes them!

  3. I must check out who won, I only realised it was on when we walked past a betting shop yesterday.
    Tunnocks tea cakes are nice but the caramel wafers are the best thing ever!
    Lisa x

    1. I haven't had the caramel wafers... I must look out for them when next I shop!

  4. I can't bear to watch the National, so many horses get injured, or worse. I'm too much of a softie.

    1. I can understand that. I just find the power and speed they can achieve is amazing. If you could guarantee no injuries it would be better, but it was a good year for jockies and horses this time.

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