What do I do?

There we were before the holidays sharing a last cuppa in freedom when my friend said "Oh, well, at least none of ours has Mrs * (to protect the innocent), I hear she's having problems..."
At which point I had to say..... "Oh, but JW is (and I haven't heard about any problems....)"
So, now, my quandry is;
1. Ignore the comment.
2. Don't ignore and panic.
3. Be aware but trust that the problem will either go away or not be so insurmountable that my little ray of sunshine cannot charm his way out of it (She has the reputation for being depressed, apparently. So does the Princess' teacher and I wish Homeschooling were as easy as abc, although I'm not in favour of it completely, but I just feel it may be one of those school years... and it hasn't even started yet......)


  1. Different children get on with different teachers - my elder daughter did not get on AT ALL with her teacher last year. Both she and Mrs * are stubborn and prone to saying things they shouldn't, then refusing to back down. They clashed from day one.
    My younger has the same Mrs * this year and they are like a mutual appreciation society!
    I just hate having to let go of them at the end of the summer.
    Mind you if I was home schooling I suspect it would be me who was depressed.
    How depressed is this teacher?

  2. www.bigbucketgirl.typepad.com3 September 2007 at 14:59

    Wah! We are going through this right now...the 2 big kids go back on Thursday and DD gets the most amazing teacher in the universe (we all think that!!) but DS gets an "inexperienced, immature and clueless" one! We will have to make up our own minds, and take each day as it comes. Fingers crossed things go well for you and yours.

  3. I hear you. Mr Mark has a newly qualified teacher this year who is brand new to the school. I don't know whether to feel sorrier for her or him!
    I feel another year of much supplementing of education at home coming on...

  4. Home schooling can be as easy as ABC once you lighten up and stop worrying about it. Check out Education Otherwise.

  5. Education How many years did I spend worrying over whether we were doing the best for the kids. Sarah has informed me that she would have loved to go to Boarding school! I guess I spent a great deal of time doing the 3 R's at home as back up I still don't know if what we did was right or not

  6. We have thought about homeschooling here as my two boys are way behind at school they have great teachers but they are in large classes...i worry that they will never catch up !!

    I hope it all goes well for everyone !!
    Sara x

  7. Ahh but don't forget Mummy that when Sarah thinks of Boarding School.... she thinks of Mallory Towers or Harry Potter!!!!

  8. Mallory Towers! Spiffing! My boarding School was the Chalet School... not just boarding, but abroad & speaking German!

  9. Quite a few years ago when we were told of my son's teacher for the sept, one of the mum's said ' oh she hates boy's'. I was frantic, however all the kids thought she was fantastic and none of the boy's had problems with her at all. I'd put it done to school yard gossip nothing more, nothing less .. ~ Julia x


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