The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Here is the photo that I couldn't upload yesterday. Don't they look cute? And imagine little red and white striped canes hanging out of the top.... yum yum! So, to qualify for my giveaway please post a comment on yesterday's post & the name pulling will be done on Friday 21st in the morning.

As I write this with a cold, grey sky and a distinctly chilly air, I have to admit that I feel cold. You see, the last couple of days the morning has been chilly, but not really cold, and I have put on a long sleeved top thinking that today would be the day when the cold weather would come in. Ha. I have then changed my top for a t shirt, smiling at the sun shining on my arms. Great for building up defenses against flu & depression, yes?

So, today I figured I'd get ahead of myself and start with the t-shirt.

Ok, you can stop laughing now. I am cold, really cold. And I will have to go and get changed.... again this week...... into long sleeved tops.

Fortunately, I'm not out today so I can just sit in and wrap up. I think a little movie therapy this afternoon might be what's called for. A little Polar Express or Jude Law and Jack Black *heart* in The Holiday... I could go classic with Alistair Sims in Scrooge, or have a laugh at the Kranks trying to skip Christmas. Do you see a pattern emerging here? I'm going to sit and sew some presents so they might as well have a suitable background noise!

And, finally, on the subject of the most wonderful time of the year, I am so in love with these that I may (just may) need to buy one. Available October 2007. Mmm Just in time for the Christmas magazines. Ho Ho Ho!


  1. oh blimey, my little boys nearly watched polar express the other day, but i persuaded them not to. christmas for me is best left til december i'm afraid! as for more zips, yep, i'm not put off, i'm going make more, i'm working on ways of improving them! :)

  2. I didn't know the Polar Express was going to introduce the santa 'myth' concept to my offspring. Should have posted a warning on the box!

    Like that advent drawer thingummy. We have something similar, but the cubbies are way too teeny weeny to be able to fit anything very fun into.

  3. The stockings do look lovely handing above the fireplace!

    Nice little advent drawers! (I mean the box, not your drawers mwaahaahaa). We use an advent calender I made from fabric a few years back with little pockets for sweeties - great fun!

  4. Oh dear your going to get me in the Christmas mood way too early .... Oh what the heck "I'm dreaming of a white Christmassssss......."

  5. Stockings are such lovely things.
    Did you noticed my visits counter? Stockings on the chimney.

    sARAH X

  7. I like Miracle on 34th street,that always puts me in a Christmassy mood.
    Kat xxx


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