Help! I can't talk to anyone!

You know I like commenting on blogs. I don't even need to know you and I comment. So, imagine my distress when I tried and tried and tried.... and it won't let me! All I get is the secure info thingy & do I trust the site (which for most of you, I do) Help! What do I do? (No, a new computer is not an option) I have so many little comments I want to leave and I can't!
Apologies to those of you to whom I want to comment. If you want to e-mail me addresses, I'll comment that way until I'm sorted. Otherwise, Kari especially, I have to apologise for not being able to talk!

Oh, and my next post will be my 100th! I'm trying to get sometime to be organised and make something for a give-away for it. It could be some time before you hear from me again.............


  1. Oh my word - the frustration of being effectively gagged! Torture. Have you tried doing it as 'anonymous' and putting your name in the comment? Just a thought.

  2. Hope you are soon sorted out,I would like to apply for the job of minister for health (and silly walks!!!!lol) in you new Government.
    I'm sure that if women had more say in things,less would go wrong,I would choose Sophie Honeysuckle as minister for Interiors .......
    Kat xxxx

  3. Sometimes with blogger blogs I can't even get that far! It's horrible because I can't speak and I feel that people may feel I'm ignoring them! I don't know what to suggest really other than to try doing it Anonymously as Ali suggests.

  4. Hey there! I had to take a break awhile ago and go to the store, but I'm back now. (It's pitiful - the first second I walk in the door, I'm back on the computer. lol).
    Anyway, I don't know what's been going on with blogger as far as comments go. You're the second one to tell me that they couldn't leave a comment. Maybe blogger's trying to feed my paranoia of being ignored. ha And then I've had about 3 people leave a comment and it leaves the same comment multiple times. Crazy. But now I've added you to my list, it shouldn't be that hard to visit you more often. And should you need to e-mail me, my address is grannyskywalker at yahoo dot com.
    Okay - I'm back to reading your blog now!


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