Happy Mondays... and Fred.

I love finding new places to look. I love looking at other peoples comments, visiting their pages and finding out about new people. i was always a person for acquaintances rather than a few close friends. I have a couple of close friends, mind you, the sort you need in a crisis, but I have a lot more acquaintances, the people it's pleasant to spend time with, to have coffee with, to see about and talk to without heavy commitments.
I like finding new (to me) places on the ether, too. I love finding a new blog, especially if it comes with an extensive archive and/or a flickr link. Isn't it strange, that I can see someones house without knowing them? But then, they can see mine without knowing me, so honours are even. And as long as neither party turns into a stalker, it is no weirder than enjoying house magazines, with the added attraction of being able to leave comments (usually only nice ones, at first)

So todays new acquaintances, whose blogs and flickr group have me smiling is Happy Loves Rosie and fredsworld. I can't remember how I found Happy, a link through a link through a link, but she has a really good eye candy blog.... with apologies to Happy, I haven't had time to read all your blog yet, just look at the pictures. I will be back. I love the dog and I think that you should be very proud of your son....
And, attached to her blogs is the man's point of view. How often does that happen? In Fredsworld, you get the masculine to Happy's feminine. Got to go and play match the day, here. Roll on my coffee and 'puter break!


  1. I've been following their blogs since they started. They really really love Cath Kidstone don't they! Their blogs are definitely eye candy though.

  2. I love them too, just found them a few weeks ago and I love to look at the pretty pictures. How refreshing to find a bloke who loves the same things that we women do! And, he crochets! He could teach my old man a thing or two.....

  3. ahhh thankyou so much, for reading my entire blog - you left me 27 comments, I think that must be a record....and thankyou for finding that nasty one! I love blogging and have found some lovely like minded people, although I dont seem to get the time to chat to others lately - I thought I must write and say thankyou - Next time that I update my 'Happy blogs' i will definately add you to me - luv and best wishes - happy (hayley) xx


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