Countdown has started!

I found this ticker (or at least her version of it) on a blog called Just Livin' Large, owned by a nice american lady who calls herself the Christmas Queen. Nice, isn't it? I want to set it as part of my template, but it won't let me!!! So I am reduced to making sure that when I post again, I change the date on this one so that it always stays first... or shall I put it as Christmas, then it will be the first... I am off for a fiddle.


  1. How funny! I clicked on the Christmas label on the left of your blog and found your ticker! I hope blogger lets you move it to the top soon. Are you adding in under the "add a page element" thingy and then clicking and dragging it up there in your template, page elements page? Yeah, you probably are. I always ask stupid questions but that's just because I'm so very clueless about all the blogging things out here! Good luck with it, though! I must bookmark your blog so I can come back over and over and talk Christmas with you!

  2. Hey - I've got a question! (See? I told you I was full of stupid blogging questions!) How did you change the date on this post from todays date to December 25th?

  3. I've always liked Kari's ticker so it was great to see it on your blog too!!

  4. Help. I need to get to the shops!

    I like the white template!

  5. No, No, No more Christmas please? can you really fiddle ?( on a violin I mean)

  6. Argh - noooooo!

    Oddly enough, the Christmas discussions started at work yesterday too.

  7. Oh my goodness! I did laugh when I spotted those little snowmen. Very cute. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's already thinking Christmassy thoughts!

  8. Did I miss Summer?
    You play fiddle?

  9. Ahhhh Christmas, it can't come around soon enough for me.

  10. I'll be ordering the first wave of christmas presents next week, and I start adding the non perishable items to the weekly shopping.
    I'm horribly organised when it comes to christmas. Shame I can't be as organised about everything else in my life!


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