And the Winner is....

Kari at Just Livin Large.

Well, who else could Christmas Stockings go to? I swear, I wrote the names out, pulled one out and it was the Christmas Queen herself who won! Now tell me there ain't a God?

And, Kari, if you send me the details I shall send you the prize (even though I really love your Christmas signature and want one too. I'm not jealous, Granny Skywalker. Oh no, not me) (not much, anyway)

Congratulations & look forward to hearing from you soon!

And to everyone else who entered, I am sorry, and better luck next time. Thanks for entering!


  1. I'm so flippin' excited!! Thank you again!

    And if you'd like, I can send you some directions to do a signature. I don't know if this particular program will do a signature with garland because I don't know which program the person who did mine used (geez, are you following that?lol) but you can still do one with pretty writing. Let me know if you want that forwarded to you.

    Thanks again! Woo-hoo! I NEVER win. This is awesome!

  2. Love your Christmas countdown, and Christmas stockings in Sept, who could ask for more. Strangely enough it is a Christmas picture I chose to ad to my first post.

  3. Hi Jo

    What gorgeous stockings. Congratulations to Kari on being the winner.

    I found your lovely blog via cd&m. Will visit again.

    Marie x


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