Self medication.

I have a cold so today's programme is;
Lemsip (breathe east with menthol to clear the nose)
Gingerbread men (2 because they get lonely easily)
Medicinal videos (including as previously mentioned Outbreak, I'm ill but at least I'm not that ill
My ripple blanket, because when you're ill there's only one thing better than snuggling under a cosy blanket and that's being able to snuggle under half a king sized blanket and crochet the other half.
So, I'm in today, and keeping warm. Tomorrow I will go for the fresh air to clear the airways approach, but I think a snuggle day (I may even stay in my jim jams as long as possible(!)) is not too much to ask for,is it?


  1. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. I've got Jennen off school today with the start of a cold too. He's currently snoozing on the settee under my favourite blanket.
    A hot toddy will be good before you go to bed tonight. I find it really helps me to get to sleep when I have a cold.

  2. hope you are soon feeling better, i love ripple blankets.
    Sarah x

  3. Snap! Hope you feel better soon. I don't even feel like sewing so it must be bad.I think biscuits are certain to help clear up a cold but is two enough?!

  4. you too eh??? - not pleasant is it! Make sure you stay snuggled up under your blanket!!! lots of fluid (yes gin does count) and choccy biccies and you'll be fine in about a week (yes I'm sorry it takes that long to get rid of it!)

  5. No not at all, snuggle away.

  6. Ohhh. Hope you've had a wonderful snuggly day and that you're soon feeling better!

  7. Well I know we should be sending our sympathy but really, you lucky thing to have a snuggle day, I can't remember having one of those since before my children were born (and Jack's 19!!!).
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Gill x

  8. Hope you're feeling better soon! But your sick day actually sounds pretty good to me! ha Cookies and movies? Sign me up (you can keep the cold, however!).

  9. A snuggly day sounds like the perfect remedy to me, there is a cold remedy over at Willow House at the moment.

  10. Hope you're feeling better! Nice to see somebody with bookcases as overloaded as ours, even so we keep squeezing more in. Soon we may have to move into the shed in order to house them all, unless we can persuade the children to give up their rooms!

    Keep drinking that lempsip, honey & lemon with hot water does it for me!

    Julia x

  11. Put some whisky in the hot lemon It may not cure the cold but its makes it easier to bear! Hope you feel better soon

  12. Hope your feeling better soon, it's a bit wet and windy here in the Fens today so being snuggly sounds like a great remedy.

  13. Get well soon x

    It is so nice to have a snuggle day.

    Victoria x

  14. Ugh, I had one of those days on Monday - as long as you can get the day to yourself to snuggle, it's OK! Hope you're on the mend now.


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