Q; What has 6 arms, 6 legs and makes a lot of noise?

A; The tickle monsters, that's who!

My chidren love to see themselves on the computer. Hey, DP preens himself in a glass window as he's talking so to be a star of screen, however small is a big thrill for them. Today (you may not believe this) I finally figured out that if I pressed the little button marked 'use my pictures as slideshow' as my screen saver, then all my memories are flashed up constantly and ever-changingly as pictures of my beloved kids (and everyone else) float across the screen. I guess I should have saved those risque pictures DH took of me on holiday to disc, eh? Oh, well, as long as the vicar doesn't come around when they flash across the screen I might be OK. Convincing Sarah that that is not the way to dress for a night out might be a different matter. Ho hum.


  1. You have tickle monsters as well!!!! Mine are a bit older 16,12 & 9. The youngest noticed my blog on the computer for the first time the other night and said 'look mum there is a picture of your mug on the computer' I said 'yes that is MY mug'. To which he replied 'can I be famous to?
    Don't you just love them.

  2. Well, in my house is 8 arms, 8 legs and make a lot of noise!

  3. Bless! My kids would kill me in the most unpleasant way possible if I put them on the blog.


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