Is crochet big, or what?

I crocheted my way through the telly-watching last night. Criminal minds on Channel 5, I love it. The scarf is nearly done and here are the pictures to prove it.

Then today there was no phone call. It's fun on supply, it's a win-win situation; phone call = money= living well this week, no phone call=time= opportunity to do something. So, I went to Borders to see if I could get the American Country Living magazine because, apparently there's a divine picture of red velvet cupcakes on the cover (see Brocante Home Chronicles for details) No luck. I did browse the craft books, because Valentine's Day is not far away and looked at the new(ish) Cabbages and Roses book and a couple more books. Anyway, the point is when I sat down at one of those squishy leather armchairs they have dotted around, the coffee table had about 3 or 4 crochet books. Now, I would love to meet the person who put them there because I'd like to know; is crochet in this year? Am I, so to say, hooked on the latest craze? If I am, it's a new experience because I'm usually the last one in the game.

New book today; Rescue From Domestic Perfection by Dan Ho. It's actually a birthday present for my SIL (who doesn't read this blog) She's in the process of renovating/rebuilding a lovely Edwardian semi in Crosby and the book appealed to me as suitable for someone who needs reminding that perfection is not a really desirable aim if it comes at the cost of personality. As Dan Ho puts it, "Perfection is a cheap caricature of style" He asks us to think in our pursuit of the perfect home;

You can fill your home with things every decorating diva has deemed must-have;
you can cook all your food in the manner of celebrity chefs; you can edge your
perennial borders in a manner that emulates that of the chief groundskeeper at
Kew Gardens. But these will all be pointless style exercises unless and until
you understand what style really means... The first place to start is inside-
rather than worrying about how things look, coordinate, taste and smell, simply
start thinking about who you are inside. If you can do this much, I promise you
will be well on your way to true style.
Covering house, garden, furniture and eating/food, I hope it will be a useful and stimulating present. And I get to look through it first before I wrap it. Sorry, Pat.


  1. That looks like a great book...I love the quote from it -it's so TRUE!

    Your scarf looks great and the color is pretty! Nicely done!


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