Liverpool's Celebrating!

This year is the 800th anniversary of Liverpool being granted its charter to be a city..... wowee! And next year we are the European Capital of Culture, plus this july is the 50th anniversary of when Paul and John met, so it's a big thing for Beatles fans. the council have got allsorts planned, go to to see the choices. There will be street parties and big events all over the city this summer so, for the next two years, Liverpool is celebrating!

I'm a relative newcomer to the city, coming from a village 12 miles away. Liverpool has always been my local city, but I'm a small-town provincial by upbringing. However, I've lived in the suburbs now for 14 years, and I have to say, I like Liverpool. There's a fair bit of culture, a fair bit of social life and a good tradition of comedy and friendliness. If you've never been, why not give it a go in the next two years? Book a travellodge room and come for a couple of nights. See the two cathedrals, have lunch at a little bistro, walk along the sea-front and take the ferry cross the Mersey.... yes, they really play the music as you get off and on... Come to Woolton and see the hall where the Beatles began, visit Speke Hall and book your place on the Lennon and McCartney home tour. Mad on sport? we've got two football grounds and everyone has an opinion. Theatres, cinemas and nightclubs... grief, I'm beginning to sound like an advert exec. It's an ideal location for a short break, though, really. When money's tight & we don't want to go away, we take days out and there are loads of places. I like my city. I like living here and I think I'm going to send off for a street party pack to celebrate its birthday. It's a grand old city, Why not?

Sites to visit if you're interested are;


  1. Gosh I think Liverpool City Council should employ you to promote the City. I totally agree with you. I lived there for two years and visited it regularly for nearly seven as I had a boyfriend from the city. I thought it was great. I haven't been for ten years so maybe another trip is due. Coming from Hull I always used to feel at home there because I always think of them as a kind of mirror image of each other. One on the east coast, one on the west. Both on large rivers and both with a strong maritime history.


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