I like little presents!

Tomorrow is the first night that we hold a Girls' Night In. My friend, Paula (Hi Paula!) and I are having a few friends round for gossip & fun. we'll drink a little wine, listen to the Puppini sisters, talk about ourselves and plan some more nights in. So, to celebrate, I've made little parcels (I like parcels!)

I used gift wrap to make the bags and filled them with pink and fluffy treats. Love Hearts are my favourite sweet because they take me back to my childhood. I found the shoe keyrings on sale straight after Christmas, ditto the lip gloss, while the pencils are incredibly cheap at Instore. Enough for a grown up girl's party bag, I think?

At future meetings we intend to discuss some serious Chick lit. Any ideas? I like Warnings of Gales by Annie Saunders, or perhaps I don't know How She Does It by Alison Pearson. Nothing heavy or Boker prize winner. we also plan to have a chocolate tasting, a wine tasting and a cookie swap evening. I suppose we could have a few craft nights, with paper crafts and sewing.

I'm looking forward to it a lot. keep reading to find out how it went!


  1. Oh that really sounds like fun. I love the little party bags.

  2. Goodie bags - it doesn't get much better than that. Ref future books you will probably have already read it but if not Hens Dancing by Raffaella Barker.
    PS Your blog is only allowing comments from google account holders or bloggers, meaning thet eg. typepad blogsters can't comment. I think you can change this as many blogger blogs offer a choice. I'll have to sign in using an olg blogger account but really i'm at http://willowhouse.typepad.com

  3. Hope your enjoying your night in, sounds bliss. Love hearts, what a blast from the past, a great one at that, yum.

    Heres a book suggestion ... Like Water for Chocolate. A love story set around the baking of magical food in Mexico.


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