Angel Jem's City Cottage; Mess to less

I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now, at least a year, and never seem to have settled down to it. Well, now I am. I hope to be a good neighbour on the internet and to find some new friends.

So, who am I? Well, my name is Jo, I'm a married mother of three, supply teacher, crafter, reader and creator. I like making things like painted boxes, toys, knitted blankets and tapestries. I'm a Jack of all trades and master of some.

Anyway, onto the pleasant stuff; Why Angel Jem? Well, when I get my little craft industry set up, that's the name I am goimg to call it. I like angels, they remind me of fairies, my family nickname is the Christmas fairy and my initials are JEM so I sign my artwork as Jem.All in all, good enough reasons to call it Angel Jem.

The 'mess to less' bit is even easier. My house is a bombsite. This is after a years de-cluttering, you should have seen it before. I am hoping by putting my (literally) dirty washing out onto the ether to shame myself into creating my perfect house. My city cottage, my ideal home, my little bit of heaven on Earth.

That's where you invisible friends come in. You are my guardians of Home life. For so long I have read and found comfort in the blogs of Alison, Nonnie,Posy and Cherry and now I want to invoke their spirits. If I had a guest bedroom I'd ask them to stay, but it's full. (Don't ask what with. Just see later) Instead, I can ask anyone who finds me here for advice, comfort, HELP!


  1. Well hello to you Jo. I am so very pleased that you have joined us. I for one am looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog.

    You may want to take the function off that stops folk without a blogger or google account from commenting. That way everybody can join in the fun. I know they will want to.

    Cherry x


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