Please won't someone get me out of here!

So, I didn't start work until 1pm today. plenty time to fiddle a little and visit a friend. Nice cookies and coffee, Paula! You need to get a blog. Anyway, I had time to pop down to a local knitting shop, Knitwise on Smithdown Road, Liverpool. It's a little Aladdin's cave of good quality yarn. I wanted some Sirdar Firefly to crochet a scarf, one of those full-of-holes creations that stretches to the ground when an enthusiastic 5 year old grabs you. And, yes, the nice lady, Angie has some and, yes, it came home with me (red, of course) and, yes, I will probably go back for more because, at £4.50 it strikes me the scarf would be a perfectly acceptable home-made gift for the fashion conscious acquaintance... but...

She also holds Stitch and Bitch meetings on a Tuesday night.

My evenings are usually spent at home, I do go to a reading group (sadly cancelled tonight. Hope you're all well soon, girls) and I will be going to Girls' Night In next Thursday, but they are both monthly meetings. Do I need a little fun on a Tuesday? Can I afford to go into a den of temptation every Tuesday and still come out with a bank balance good enough for the bank manager to leave me alone?

I don't think I'm brave enough.

Stitch and Bitch, I wish you well. I may (after I finish Crafters' Anonymous meetings) come to see you, but for the foreseeable future you and I will be like ships that pass in the night. And, yes, I'm looking out for icebergs.


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