I Love it when a Plan comes Together!

From mess to less, and it didn't cost a penny!

The day before yesterday, the kids school bags looked like this;

Yesterday I corralled them and put them in a cardboard box I had lying around; It's effective, but it's not pretty.

Today, I emptied a basket with toys (junk/charity or a new home) and... Joy of Joys! It looks quite good. With a little judicious rewarding (home points and/or sweets) the 3 darlings will remember to put their bags into it. Now, do I need to make a cloth cover to hide it away permanently?

On an unrelated matter, I told yesterday how I had got Not Buying It by Judith Levine and inadvertently caused a furore on another website. Apparently, independent retailers are unable to get this book for another 2 weeks because the Big Boys of the corporate world have swallowed up all available supplies. For example, Mostly Books are an independent bookstore who have to wait 2 more weeks for the book. I am so sorry! And it's not even my responsibility. However, I do feel guilty because it was a rash purchase that Tesco's didn't need me to make to improve their profits, whereas I could have waited a few weeks until I get to a local independent book store to pick up a copy. I will try more carefully in future to support the little guy. I wouldn't let a child on the playground get away with intimidation, but it seems to be what business is based on.
The book is also really interesting reading. I will be reading it thoroughly and, I think, refining my concepts of what is an 'essential'.


  1. Bet you didn't expect our little exchange over the book to stir up so much controversy did you? I nearly died when I saw Judith Levine herself had popped over to comment!! It really gets you thinking about the power of those retail giants doesn't it?

  2. Fantastic work. Makes me feel better just looking at it. I shall now crack on with my desk.

    I too LOVE the Puppini Sisters by the way.

    Cherry Menlove

  3. That's a really great idea for tidying up the bags. I think a cover would definitely make it even better. I wouldn't feel too bad about buying the book in Tesco. I'm always trying to buy locally and not from the large supermarkets(especially Tesco) and chains, but it's easy to slip from the habit especially if it's easier to buy in those big places. Like my red dishes last week!

  4. The basket is a great idea. Hope your kiddies keep up the good work and use it everyday!

  5. Hey there! I just discovered your blog! The basket looks great! I have the same problem with the kids...'cept mine dump theirs in three different locations. Bags and shoes and stuff everywhere, lol!

  6. Nice basket :)

    Thanks so much for telling me about Cath Kidston's Lilac & Lavender products! I was completely unaware of them. I see she even has a darling talcum tin similar to mine :)


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