Cath Kidston meets French Chic on the doorstep.

La Redoute, the home of french fashion, have Cath Kidston licenced products for the bed. Duvets, sheet, pillowcases and blankets in her distinctive roses on blue or white are all available to order on their website, here.


  1. Thanks for visiting. I see you like cath kidston. I have just used some of her fabric to make curtains for someone. Delivery was prompt and the fabric was lovely to use. this is a lovely blog.

  2. Yes Cath is spreading herself a little thin these days! I think I might wait until La Redoute start offering me big savings on my first order and then order some, irresistible.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I popped over to see yours, lovely :-)

  3. if you log on to my blog you can view thanks to my link list some more La Redoute catalogs called AMPM, and SO HOME I don't know if you have them in the UK but I love them ! tell me what you think !!!!


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