My Self Care Box; Fab-ruary 14, slightly late!

I always loved Simple Abundance; I read it often and enjoy using hints and ideas from it.
I remember one of the best suggestions in it was for a comfort drawer, a special place that you kept just full of bits and bobs to restore one's mental state when life, or life's inhabitants, made you feel the need.

Sarah Ban Breathnach suggested small chocolates, some alcohol, hand cream and little singing treats to make the heart lighter. I loved her advice and, in another life, would have a comfort drawer. However, I try not to just comfort myself at bad times, but to live in comfort and love all the time. My self-care box (which I take to be the things, both virtual and actual that comfort and care for me) is spread over the house and keeps me a happy bunny;

So, what do I keep in my self care box? Here are the things that keep me a sensible and happy person most of the time.

1. Handcream
I love L'Occitane Lavender, but any decent handcream will do. Presently I am using Sanctuary Spa which has a beautiful orange scent and I love it.

2. Tea
Chai in the winter, Lady Grey in the summer. Drunk in a mug. Often made in the mug. Sometimes made in a pot, with a plate of biscuits and a small jug of milk. The restorative powers of tea should never be underestimated.

Image result for debbie bliss winter garden knits as

3. A craft to do/ a craft to start/ a completely frivolous something that adds nothing useful but is lovely to do.
I am a good starter, a great purchaser of something new. At the moment that is a new cardy, with wool from Black Sheep Wools and a Debbie Bliss pattern. It's actually a garment to wear for me, which I haven't attempted for at least 6 years.  The wool came in hanks and I spent a pleasant lie in rolling the balls from half of the hanks, before I bethought to see if I had the right size needles. I needed 8mm and 9mm needles. My biggest was 6.5mm. That's a no then. Fortunately the power of the internet is that the needles I need are winging their way to me as I speak and the first row hopefully will be cast on on or around Saturday.

4. Something good to read.
A book, a magazine, a good set of blogs. Words, words, words. With blogs, I love the differences and the similarities. I love the idea that we can have the same prompt and produce different results. I love that a pack of yarn in a certain colour scheme can become such different things and make so many houses into homes.
With books, I don't mind being scared, but I love comfort fiction. At the right time of life you need a read that is marshmallow, sweet, not too hard.

5. A decent friends who is a good listener.
Not even good at advice, sometimes the therapy is in talking out the problem and listening to yourself. My best friend has Chai and Lady Grey as well, is into papercrafts so can always offer a creative therapy and has a dog (we can't keep dogs) so I even get a blood pressure therapy when I visit. Of all my self care box a good friend is the one I'd keep.


  1. What lovely thoughts, and great ways to care for yourself. A good friend really can help with an awful lot of things can't they! xx

    1. Yes! And especially if you have very little or very old relatives. A good close friend who can drop everything and come as soon as you need them!

  2. Great post. I found something marshmallow the other day - what I thought was a new book but when I was looking for an image of the cover, I found a picture of an old edition which turned out to be a book I'd read years ago and really enjoyed. I thought a few of the names sounded familiar - I can't remember the story so I've got it to enjoy all over again.

    1. That's excellent! I love finding a new old book; usually an Agatha Christie I persuade myself I haven't read and then find out I have really!!!

  3. I love the cardi you're going to make. Have you chosen the same colour yarn? I think a good friend is always top of these lists, and especially one with a dog.

    1. My cardy is either red or russet; I don't know what you'd call it. There will be photos one Wednesday Wind Up, just because it is still likely to be my WIP for a while!

  4. A self care box sounds like a splendid idea, I think I should start one straight away! A good friend is a treasure indeed xx

  5. I wish I could understand patterns. It is a goal of mine this year, I must start a craft afternoon with my Mum. These days I just need one comfort and that's cuddles with the dog!

  6. You're absolutely right. Blessed with good friends as well as our family, there's not much more that we need to nourish our souls xx

  7. I like your list and agree with them all. Maybe I would add a pad of notepaper and a pen. I find making lists and getting things down on paper when my heads a bit too full can be a good help.
    Friends though are definitely the tops!
    Lisa x

  8. I love this list, and totally agree with all of them. Mine would also include wine, though!

    1. I think I'd drunk the wine when I was thinking......


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