Thinking of Madeleine.

Lovely Little Cotton Rabbits has this image which you can go and use off her blog freely.... It helps to put anything else in perspective. My heart weeps when I think that there but for the grace of God goes any one of us... it is but the chance of a moment that anything happens and I'm sure we all can imagine what we think we'd feel in their shoes, without ever wanting to be there. Those brave, brave parents and the level of support and feeling that there is for them

At times like this, and I apologise if this offends anyone, I find my faith a great source of comfort. I know I cannot go and stand by them, I cannot go and search in Portugal and I cannot offer to take care of the twins while they do what they have to do, but I can pray.

I can pray to God that there will be a happy resolution.

I can ask that He will be with Gerry and Kate as they go about their business.

I can ask that he will be with Madeleine and keep her safe.

I can ask Him to touch the people who have taken her and make them repent, that they will give her back.

And I can ask Him to help the police and investigators to have faith and solve the case quickly.

Jesus said, "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, I shall be there."

I've seen it done over the telephone, do you think internet praying works, too? I'm sure there are lots of us all praying for the same thing. Let's hope God answers us soon.


  1. Oh my goodness. I seldom get to watch any news, and my husband shields me from stories like this because in my present condition, I take them all too much to heart.

    I don't understand why they left three toddlers alone. I don't feel they deserved this degree of "punishment" for what was a huge mistake that they will regret for the rest of their lives.

    I hope they find her...

  2. I too have been praying for Madaline and her family. It is just so awful. Hopefully the more publicity this case gets, ie people posting it on their blogs, then the more people will hear of madaline and hopefully recognise her somewhere - love Julia x

  3. Yes it's affected everybody I know, we wake in the night and wonder if there's any news yet. Her parents clearly find their Faith is helping them with this terrible ordeal. The only positive thing so far is how many good people there are who are offering help and financial assistance to the family. Keep them in your thoughts.
    Gill x

  4. It is so unbearably awful,I pray with all my heart Madeleine comes home safe and well.

  5. Yes, we are all thinking of her, and her parents. It is just so awful.
    Let's hope that they find her soon.
    Victoria x

  6. so upsetting...I have a three year old Granddaughter, called madeleine...this story breaks my heart. I don't like to watch the news but find myself compelled to watch, I need to know. Oh boy....wonder what today will bring?


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