Happy Birthday Queen Victoria

You have to admire this woman.

Not only did she become queen at 18 and marry as a monarch (imagine how she fitted the headdress on over the crown) she was also a prolific baby-machine and according to unconfirmed rumors a bit of a goer. That and she reigned over a quarter of the world's population as empress of where-ever and had a thing for legs (why else cover them up? I mean, they even covered up the piano's legs, for goodness sake!) She reigned for the longest time of any British queen, indeed any British Monarch and she had an incredible love story. She was buried beside her beloved husband,Prince Albert, in the Royal Mausoleum, which she had built for their final resting place and above the Mausoleum door are inscribed Victoria's words: 'farewell best beloved, here at last I shall rest with thee, with thee in Christ I shall rise again'. How romantic is that? It's interesting to ask what life in Victorian times would have been like had Albert not died in 1861, sending her into a depresion and a withdrawal from public life. What could this woman have done if she'd stayed very much at the fore-front of political ambition, with such a strong husband behind her?

But the reason you have to admire her most of all? She turned whole parts of the world pink. The original Martha Stewart? It's a good thing


  1. hmm, not sure if turning the world *English/British* was a good thing, but I do admire her, she was the original feminist, and she must have had a hard life...her love died and she lived on for so many more years.

  2. I love those old maps with the pink all over them, I was lucky enough to find an old school one which I intend to hang one day.
    By the way have you seen it yet? Pirates of the Carribean I mean? We went this morning, great fun.

  3. Thank You for an interesting read. I love those sort of snippets of information, especially when they pop up unexpectantly.

  4. Hello my dear. Very interesting... I would have been a very good Queen Victoria, I could have dressed in black and no one would have complained lol. Hope you are having a nice weekend. x

  5. She was also the first woman to be given ether for childbirth, so it wouldn't have been quite as painful!

    It is only through remembering the past we can shape the future I suppose, thanks for posting this! :)

  6. Cool history lesson-but sorry....I just wish she smiled a little more. Mary

  7. She always looked so sad. I guess she was missing her husband. Nice post today. I can always use a history lesson.

  8. I love this post! I wish the US had history like this... the royal family is fascinating.


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