I'm not weird.... it's just the rest of the world that's a little peculiar.

Tagged. Three times so far,darn it.
Thank you to Andsewtosleep, Alison at Foxgloves in the Breeze, and Gill at Lucy Locket. I'm sure I'll find a way to express my deep gratitude at this momentous event.

And I thought I'd done such a good job of keeping my head down and staying quiet.

Never mind, better luck next time.

Right, seven weird things about me.... er,..... um,... em.

1. All my names make up pretty much the whole holy family except for Jesus. (Jo=Joseph, Anne= Mary's reputed mother, Elizabeth= his Aunt and Mary= His mother. I always joked I was going to take Jesus as a confirmation name and in the end didn't take any because 3 is enough and who would want more than 3 and, anyway, my initials are great just as they are JEM, get it? And, yes, I have trouble using Joanne as my name because Joanne is a little tubby girl with her hair in big bunches who cries a lot. Jo is a capable and very humorous woman. The power of a name. (Damn. And I've gone and given that power to you all. Never make it as a spy...)

2. I always dreamt I'd marry a farmer and have a large kitchen with an Aga and lambs warming in the coolest drawer. (That's live lambs that need feeding, not a nice roast dinner which I can and do cook nowadays) Then I married a lawyer whose idea of hell is anything with four legs that actually moves and for whom a farm would be an unneccessary waste of decent building land. The man has no soul, but he has read Austen and Bronte and he is possibly the only person I know who can beat me at Trivial Pursuits so I'll put up with the dead dream & stick with the living vision of brains and cuteness combined. (I think he's cute; you wouldn't. OK?) And, no, I don't have an Aga, but once a year I get to stay at a cottage that has one, so I get my fix from there.

3. I can go through a game of Trivial Pursuits only using the brown (art and literature) squares and an occasional pink one. I like books. ( alot) Now, I know that liking books isn't weird, but to the extent to which I take it, it is. I would rather be able to buy another book which I may/may not read than pay for the food that day. Actually, if I can afford both, I will do, because I like food too. I probably don't spend on clothes or going out, instead.

4. When I am ill, I watch the film Outbreak. It helps me feel better to know that there are worse illnesses out there & I'm sure I haven't got Ebola, Dengue or any other Viral Haemorrhagic Fever. I also enjoy being ill if I'm not too ill, and I don't have to do anything and I can relax and enjoy a comforting day. But I do not like being sick. Not one bit.

5. I always save the best bit of my food til last. And I eat biscuits strangely. I eat the biscuit part of cream biscuits first, and then eat the cream part after. I get quite messy and it's not something I do in public. Also, I adore eating Tunnocks teacakes, but I have to eat them in the same order; chocolate, biscuit, any jam and the marshmallow last. Yes, I know.

6. I caught hayfever off my husband. I swear, I never had it as a little girl and then I married him and... Wallop! Itchy eyes, tears of pain and a prescription for ..... something. And I love flowers, well, the idea of them. I think I'm allergic to tree pollen, but I take the stuff straight away & just thank God I didn't get it when I had to sit exams.... with sympathy to anyone who did. Urgh!

7. I like changing babies nappies... I'm sorry, I do. And it doesn't matter if they're my baby or not. I don't have a sensitive sense of smell, poo is poo and if a baby is dirty I won't let them sit in poo for an hour waiting for it's Mummy. Besides which, when the nappy is off is the best time to blow kisses on its tummy... and babies tummies are irresistible, aren't they? This goes along with me being a baby whisperer. I can get any baby to calm down eventually, most babies to calm down almost at once, and put a baby to sleep. I also can persuade children who've never left their parents to stay with me while Mummy goes shopping/decorates her house/ goes to sleep. I should be a child-minder, but teaching pays better and has holidays. So, here I am waiting for the grandchildren (and my eldest is 9; I don't want any babies until they're much older, please. I'm not that desperate.)

So, there you are, 7 weird things. And I'm supposed to, what? Tag four people? Do I know that many people who haven't been tagged? Ok, here goes. I tag
Sarah at Everything stops for tea
Sue at Random Blethers
Lizzie at Kindred Spirits, and
Valerie at Un Arc De Ciel dans le Lavabo
Have fun, girls & I'll be reading your tags, soon!


  1. aww..you're so lovely! You just have to blow raspberries on baby's tummies...its essential! Grandchildren are so worth waiting for, I have 2 and another due in November, lucky me. I actually have to have a fix of them because I really do get withdrawal symptoms!

  2. Fab weird things (that doesn't sound right but never mind). I also yearn for an aga. We got the salesman out last month to quote - but 9,000 pounds just didn't sound right. So we gave him a cup of tea and said we'd think about it LOL.

  3. Oh gosh. I just skipped over here from someone's blog. I think Lucy Locket. You made me giggle. I will definitely be reading your blog often. I love #7. I'm a child whisperer too...though I never thought to call it that.

  4. These made me laugh out load, I have been tagged by Smallfox, I must get it done, they are such a treat to read.
    Suzie Sews

  5. Snap I always leave the best most crispy looking roast potato until last so I can savour it.

  6. Yup, pretty weird! Ho Ho, just kidding. You tagged me you wee besom. I will have to tear myself away from the studying to post my weirdness - ah well, if I must....

  7. Thanks for making me giggle Jo, you have a great sense of humour and it's really good to find out more about you.
    My full name is Gillian but like you I have trouble using it because Gillian is also a tubby little girl ( but I didn't cry a lot, just tried too hard to please everyone). Gill is a strong capable woman!

    Gill x

  8. I'm a really perculiar person, yet when I got tagged for the five weirdest things, I couldn't pin point one !!

    I'm with you on the biscuit thing. I buy a double decker bar on the waty to church evey week. So it srarts of with the chocholate, then the biscuit, then finally that chewy stuff on the topo. Why don't they just sell that chewy stuff on it's own ?

  9. I've got hayfever too, the doctor said don't go near anything that sets you off. I'm like I live on a small holding, the woodcutter is a lanscape gardner and brings back truck loads of cut grass, and his sister grows flowers on our land to sell at farmers market. GP said well your pretty much stuck with it then. Oh and not forgetting my daughter brings chickens into the lounge, and the woodcutter last year had quail in my little living room as it was too cold for them outside !


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