I love the Post man.....

Or the little self-employed courier.
My Amazon parcels were delivered today by a very very nice man and his wife who dropped them off with a smile and a very pleasant exchange. I always get a smile off the post man too. Is it that I am a naturally smiley person..... or is it the fact I answer the door still in my nightwear?

You have a chance to decide which sort I wear, 1. this or 2. this
Leave a comment and I'll see exactly what sort of a girl you think I am!

(and I'll post about what I got on Wednesday 23rd..... wonder why?)


  1. I bet the postman is quite handsome if you answer wearing #1 ! and what a lucky guy he is ! you rock !
    by the way you are tagged for a "my 4..." on my blog - this one is in french but i think you can do it and write yours in english (should you need translation email me !) - also you can read the 7 weirds things (sorry i was late !)

    PS : i love your humour !

  2. Blimey, No.1 scared the pants off me! (ho ho). Well, I don't know about you but it's got to be the Abigail neck-to-toe night attire for me!!!

  3. You're too funny! So, I'm guessing you wear a combination of the two. On your average night, you wear #2, but when you want to turn up the heat, I'm thinking you wear #1. If the postman is with his wife, I'm thinking you probably aren't attempting to turn up the heat with him! LOL!

  4. If I opened the door in a #1, my postie would die of fright.

    So I'm guessing yours is very robust, or you're more of a #2 girl. Me - it's PJs all the way...

  5. You saucepot lady!!! As far as I'm concerned if it doesn't come from just under the chin to the floor I ain't interested!!! I think that you'd fall somewhere in the middle!!!

  6. LOL LOL...you make me laugh...I'm guessing #2 also...but if it were me it would be a t-shirt and shorts

  7. LOL Assuming all creative Annies are homespun puritans I'll go for No 2. But... something tells me there might be something just a little naughty about you. So maybe No 1?? Mary

  8. While I'd love to guess number #1, my guess is you wouldn't answer the door in it. And since number #2 is called the "Abigail nightdress" I'm going with that--because it sounds so lovely and looks pretty enough to wear all day!

  9. Maybe you wear number 2 option to disguise the fact you are wearing number 1 choice underneath.

  10. LOL Assuming all creative Annies are homespun puritans I'll go for No 2. But... something tells me there might be something just a little naughty about you. So maybe No 1??

    I think I have to agree with the above quote from Mary on this one!
    Sandra. x

  11. ESFT's Long suffering mother19 May 2007 at 22:47

    Hi This is "Everything stops for tea" long suffering mother I have read your comment after the party posting and what a shame I wasnt another type of specialist nurse.What fun we could have had with the cake! A midwifes one would have been great!

  12. ESFT long suffering mother19 May 2007 at 22:52

    Hi Tis me again As a lady of a certain age I suggest option two especially in the English summer

  13. Well as I've not heard on the local news of you being arrested for indecent exposure it is obviously the 2nd option and definitely with the cold weather over the past week.

  14. Just because I'm avoiding exam revision now, I must tell you that my postman is truly a hunk. Yes, I have never seen such a fine specimen working for the Post Office. In the Summer he wears shorts and I have trouble breathing... roll on the Summer!

  15. Okay so I'm cheating a little bit here but knowing that it is omeones birthday on the 23rd I thought I would come over and wish them Many Happy Returns. Only problem is it's not quite midnight so I guess this is a little early but here goes:

  16. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Angel Jem,

    Have a great day in your No. 1, no wonder the postman smiles :)

  17. Happy Birthday to you, dear Jo. I hope your day be all fun and happiness.
    All the best!

  18. Hi Angel Jem!
    You don't know me but I'm a friend of Sarah's Long Suffering Mum!
    Happy Birthday, have a good one.

  19. Good MOrning Angel Gem, are you having a great day?
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear blogging friend
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Hope it's a good one.
    Carolyn x


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