Inconsiderate Parking Drives Me Wild!!!!

We live 50 yards away from school. We knew we lived close to school (part of the attraction of the house was its proximity to a school we liked) but we never realised how bad the parking was. People often park across my gate. I don't like it. I always ask them to move. And sometimes they do. This silly cow today didn't and it freaks me out. I feel so angry with her for being so selfish, but I know this is a carry over from the other selfish cars who make easy passage in and out of the road impossible by parking as close as they can to school. These are healthy & fit people, not disabled persons, they're perfectly capable of parking another 25 yards away and leaving the turn in clear. aren't they? The worst thing is, there is noone to complain to. DH says don't rock the boat or we'll get double yellow lines, but we don't want that. We had cones off the police, but the community Bobby couldn't get here everyday to put them out & when the Selfish Gits saw it was the caretaker who did it, they chose to ignore them. And today it was as bad as usual. At least no one parked on the double yellow lines, like one silly woman did the other week. her justification? She didn't know that the lines meant no parking. I'm off to ring the police, the school, the council and the Samaritans. Who will be most use? I'll let you know!


  1. Oh that sort of thing just makes my blood boil! Grrrrrr.

  2. That must be really annoying. I hope you can get the best solution.

  3. By the way, I loved the post about your bear guest. So cute. :)

  4. I use to work in the school on the estate that we live in, with not one house being more than 5mins walk from the school. Yet the jams round the school due to CARS was unbelieveable.
    If I can walk it I'm dam sure everyone else could but no they take their cars and park in the most inappropriate places!!!*moan*moan*
    Loved the post about the bear ~ our teachers did that as well. It is such a good idea.
    Take care,
    Alison x

  5. What gets me are the parents who park on the zigzags. When my son was at primary, his school had to keep sending letters out asking parents not to park there.
    Er, hello! Those zigzags are there to stop your children from getting run over! How stupid are some people?

    Loved the bear post too!

  6. I live next door to the school my daughter attends and as you say we knew it was here when we moved in. People park across our drive as well, we have found that a traffic warden sent by the coucil helps. He arrives about half an hour before school pick up time and notes down any 'offenders'


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