Our Weekend Guest.

This weekend we had a little visitor from school.... no, not nits, but Cookie.

Cookie comes home with the best behaved child in the class... and this weekend it was the Princess! So, we had to entertain him (yes, he is a he despite the dress & pink socks) so he joined in very happily with all the things we did this weekend.

A teaparty to welcome him to our house.

An early bath (Friday night is video night) and a chance to try on some new Tigger pyjamas.

Pizza in front of the TV

Ice cream sundae in plastic sundae dishes (£1.99 for 4 from Home Bargain!)

Bedtime stories.

An early bed. Without the Princess and with!

Shopping at Sainsbury's and a trip to JJB.

Church parade, where he joined in very nicely with the Rainbows.

Swimming (he was far too modest to let you see him in his costume; bears are, you know)

Watching the last day of the football... apparently, Cookie is a keen Wigan supporter, so he was very happy by the end!

And an hour on the 'puter setting up a powerpoint presentation for the Princess to take into school tomorrow to show her Teacher that I'm not such a bad Mummy after I forgot about her trip to Croxteth Park on Friday and never sent her in with any wellies (She has insisted upon wearing them all weekend instead to taunt me) but at least I have time to put together a small selection of the 83 (83!!!!) photos we took of Cookie this weekend.
And we have to give him back tomorrow.

I miss him already :(


  1. The Adventures Of Cookie with 83 photographs you should be looking for a publisher! Delightful.

  2. Lucky Cookie. Looks like he had a lovely weekend. My boyfriend is particularly impressed by his support of Wigan, given that as a Sheffield Wednesday fan, he's currently watching MOTD and gloating over watching Wigan beat Sheffield United!

  3. Seems like the perfect house guest. We only ever got the class hamster which escaped and nibbled it's way through the first quilt I ever made!

  4. If I was Cookie, I wouldn't want to go home!

  5. Bless Cookie! It looks like he had a very eventful weekend!

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