Ordinary day.

An ordinary day.... the base of life's quilt onto which golden days of joy & dark days of sorrow are sewn.


  1. Hi Jo
    not such an ordinary day! I'm afraid I've tagged you (see my blog). I look forward to reading your list.

  2. I have tagged you as well.
    Seven weird things about me hope you don’t mind…you don’t have to do it as it as it is only a bit of fun. I had trouble choosing just seven!!
    Take care,
    Alison x.

  3. I discover your blog and I find it wonderful ! I have mine in France : I'am waiting yor visit !

  4. Jo, Yep I've tagged you too! You're in demand, take part or not, no pressure, you might need to think about it for a while like I did!See my blog for ideas.
    Gill x


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