And the Winner is.....

How I have enjoyed reading the entries for my birthday competition (that's my birthday on the 23rd May, Carolyn, please take note!) If only I were realy like these descriptions, I'd be a wonderwoman!

Thank you, muchas gratias, danke, grazie and merci beaucoup to the very willing entrants; Papoosue at Random Blethers, Thimbleanna, Sarah at Everything stops for Tea, Isobel of the Cosy Corner, a Shropshire Girl, Weirdbunny of The Crystal Mountain, Victoria May Plum, Alison of Foxgloves in the Breeze, Beachy's Cape Cod Cupboard, Valerie of Un Arc de Ciel dans le lavabo and Gill at Lucy Locket. I had great fun trying to decide which one was most like me and how..... carefully balanced I could be between me and the person I think I am. No one put me down as a 6 foot blonde, which was a little disappointing as, obviously, in my wildest dreams I have been known to grow six inches, lose 5 stone and change hair colour, but I can live with that.

What? You want to know what I'm like?

I am 5 foot 6, I weigh *harrumph* stones and 5 pounds. I take a size seven in shoes. I like to act my shoe size not my age, and that suits my kids just fine. I do have a sense of humour, a strong sense of right and wrong which can be absolute (I don't like grey, and my Hubby has to remind me that life is grey) I am nosey. I used to always, always have to go to the bathroom in everybodies house just to have a peep, still do if I get the chance and I bemoan the fact that the downstairs loo has put an end to that gentle curiosity. I do walk along the street and look into houses and wonder about who lives there (the cream sofa, cream carpet & cream curtains; who lives there?? Probably the 6 foot blonde lady with immaculate kids. Don't talk to her) I'm bright, but I know my limits, a Jack of all Trades and Master of very few, a flibbertygibbit, a will o'the wisp, a clown and I sing in the shower, too. I place my family above everything else because that is the season of my life I am in and I am content with that.

I wear trousers and t shirts mostly, but I like a nice dress for special occasions. I wear minimal make up and usually have my shoulder length brown hair tied back (how did most of you know?) My eyes are greenish-hazelish with brown flecks and I have fair skin. (I burn easily, then fade to pale again. How tough is that?) If you want to picture me, think the Barefoot Contessa or Ma Larkin rather than Nigella (although Nigella is where I want to be!) and I shall post a picture of me on my birthday. (I need to dye my roots, put on the concrete, find my mother's strongest foundation garment and get a shatter-proof lense to risk it!)

And now..... drum roll please! The Winners are;

I had such a hard time choosing, but I had to make a decision (That's really hard for me) so, the winner of the description I felt closest to was.... Papoosue, with Gill and Sarah very close runners up (It was the windows on the bus line that swung it; that is exactly what I do!!). The description I most wished was true was...... Alison. That extra three inches, as I keeep telling my husband, makes all the difference. And I always wanted curly hair. And the winner of the lucky dip, thank you for commenting and do call again was...... Shropshire Girl. Please e-mail me with your details and I shall pack up a fun pack for you all. And, please, would everyone else send me their address as I'd like to send a thank you card by snail mail to you all. Don't you just love the post man?


  1. What fun that was -- and now we know! You're really almost what I picture every blogger -- except last time I guessed that, I was way off! ;-)

  2. 23rd now why did I need to remember that date? Do I have an appointment? A bill to pay? Someplace to go? Gosh I really can't remember....
    Oh wait a minute I know I need to visit Angel Gem to wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Carolyn x

  3. Wow thank you! The first time I have won anything in the blogosphere.

  4. Isn't it your birthday soon?!!
    That was fun, I'm impressed that you're so similar to my description!
    I won't talk to the 6ft blonde lady I promise...anyway she's much too busy keeping her cream house clean to talk to me.
    I'm more barefoot Contessa than Nigella too if it's any consolation.
    Gill x

  5. Blimey, thanks! You've made an old woman very happy - or is it a happy woman very old? Anyway, WOO HOO,Yipee,Yay!!!!! Just so you know, I hate that blonde woman too, lets invite her over and make her eat cakes (snigger). Ma Larkin eh? Snap!

  6. Hi Jo,
    That was really fun. Now you need to post a pic of you. :)
    And be sure I will be here fro your birthday. I love borthday parties. :)

  7. Ahhh don't be too cruel to blondes.... some of us are nice!!!!

  8. Can't wait to see the photo. Size 7 feet !!!! I thought you'd be a size 4 ... Why, well I don't know ! - love Julia x


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