Don't Forgets.... there are two of them!

Don't forget to pop over to the Best of British; Crafters Days Out in Britain and see what's going on in various parts of the country. If you're inspired & you'd like to post a contribution, please drop me a line & I'll add you to the list of allowed personalities; I sent out invitations to all the people whose e-mail I had or could find; apologies for anyone who thinks they should be a contributor but isn't.

Also, I am so enjoying the answers to the question "What do you think I'm like". I should print them off & read them as positive affirmations everyday. Gosh, I must be a nice person, after all, not that horrible bitchy cow I always thought I was! There's still time to enter the competition before next Monday (I think that's when I said I'd judge, but it could be Tuesday) Go back to this link and have a read before you commit your thoughts to the screen. I need more positive inspiration, so come on!


  1. Is anyone right yet? Someone must be, I can't wait any longer!
    I've been planning what to write about on Best of British, but I keep changing my mind all the time, so many lovely days out to be had!
    Victoria x

  2. Hmmmmmmm.... still thinking..... then I'll get back on t'internet and let you know my thoughts. Garlic?...bread?

  3. Hi there, I have tried to email you but don't know if you have got it? re Best of British. After your comment I thought I would let you know I have just posted about Shropshire and Mary Webb.
    Sandra. x.


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