What's it like in Your Neck of the woods?

Victoria May Plum of the Cornish candle Company now has two blogs; one is her personal site with tales of her days, picture of wonderful shining cornish beaches and thoughts and views on a host of different topics raised by being a small business owner in a big business world. It's very interesting, go see for yourself. She has also just started a new blog called Days In Cornwall, an ambitious venture to record ideas and inspiration for ... well, Days in Cornwall, actually. It aims to have most of the info you need to plan and execute a day out in Cornwall but all told in a personal rather than a business way, so the details are authentic rather than a catalogue of features or amenities. It gives you a real taste of the place.
At present there is only one entry, for the Padstow May Day festival, but the post gives you a real feel for the place. I look forward to reading more..... and wouldn't it be lovely to have one of these for each area of the country, so that when we go out we can look and see what other people have done and recommend doing; whether there are convenient and nice places to eat, whether the event last year was worth it and when the blasted things are, so that we could plan the holidays or weekends we have.... an idea well worth considering, I think....


  1. That's me! Thankyou so much, you are absolutely wonderful. And now I have to confess that I am an Angel Jem's city cottage lurker (oh the shame).

    I didn't even know that anyone was reading my new blog, so thankyou again, and I hope that I can live up to expectations.
    On monday I shall be writing about the May day celebrations further around the coast; Helston flora dance(which is so pretty it belongs in an Enid Blyton book).
    Victoria x

  2. My husband and I spent a lovely summer holiday in Cornwall - we saw an open-air concert (for the band, Air) and stayed in Polperro - very picturesque.

  3. Cornwall is so beautiful. I once spent some time in Penzance and St.Ives, and loved it :)

  4. Great idea Jo, I'll try and list some places to visit/things to do in my area when I have a chance.

    I'm looking forward to reading more on Victoria May Plum's site as my Mum lives in Cornwall and it owuld be good to find some different places to visit....we've been travelling down there for 20 years now so have done most of the obvious tourist attractions!
    Gill x

  5. hello there...thanks for visiting my blog! The cornwall site sounds interesting, my daughter lives in Devon so it could prove useful to me too! Good old Morcombe & Wise...gotta love 'em!

  6. We spent sometime in Cornwal, me , my husband and my two oldest daughters - when they where quite young.
    We went to an island by helicopter and stayed in the most wonderful hotel.

  7. What a wonderful idea! I sure wish I lived in the UK so I could add information to your new blog. Oh well, you can bet I'll be reading along and making notes for my next visit to Britian (which unfortunately won't be soon enough!) Thanks for visiting my site -- 'cause now I know you're here!

  8. Victoria's idea is great. I go to cornwall every year so will be keeping a close eye on this new blog:-)
    Alison x

  9. Great idea. It's true that when you visit an area you would benefit from an insiders view. Just up the road from us is a National Trust house that I had never visited. Last year my daughter took a summer job there and told me to hot foot there as it is full of textiles etc. I will post on this soon and add to your great idea. Mary

  10. And I see you have considered it!! Well done you. And I'll get my thinking cap on for good days out near me.


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