Bookmark Mad....

Following on from being bkmads, here are the bookmarks that got sent out as a result of the bookmark swap I organised during April.

Six people took part, Wendy, Alison, Sarah, Susan, Gill and me and we had an agreement; make at least one bookmark for the next person on the list and keep working your way down the list if you like/ feel able/ haven't anything better to do. These ladies all have better things to do, but they are little gems! So, here is my haul!

Wendy made a monochromatic parallellogram (spot the teacher) which, I think, will grace the book in my ensuite, if you don't mind, Wendy. It is Sarah Ban Breathnach's 'Romancing the Ordinary', so that's quite classy, isn't it?

Gill's Rosy dream has to go in the book in my new bag (currently 'The Memorykeepers Daughter' by Kim Edwards. Jodie Picoult recommended it on the cover & I like her work.) This is my waiting book, so it can take me a while to finish & get to go everywhere! Gill's bookmark will go from Liverpool to York to Wales to Cheltenham this year alone!

Alison's cross stitch creation is lovely, almost too nice to use but good bookmarks, like good books are meant to be used, so this one will find a place in my Bible. Probably in Proverbs 32, as a reminder of what perfection is!

Susan's material creation is fascinatingly tactile, and her label is multi-functional so I think I got two for the price of one, here! I think this one will probably reside in my bedside book. Currently mu bookmark is a bead-ended piece of string, but before that it was a piece of toilet roll (not recycled) so this is a definite step upwards in class! And the book? It's a(nother) thinking man's Da Vinci code... Ok, I don't read good literature all the time... I usually fall asleep with the book still open & have to be gently shoved awake to put it away!

Sarah, bless her, had bunting as a major preoccupation. Go see the blog to see her and the bunting! She did, however, complete her assigned bookmark for Alison, so go and visit to see what it looked like! Thank you for participating, Sarah, and can you make me some bunting, too!?!

My bookmarks...? What? I was supposed to make some, too?? Oh No!

Actually, I made one for everyone except me... which I will remedy in the next couple of days, but they were threads-in-knots sort of things that had beads on. Go see everyone else's space to see them... I forgot to take a picture!

I'd like to send a big thank you to all the ladies that took part. The wonderful thing about bookmarks is that they are small, easily made and always needed. I love the way that we got material, stitchery, beadwork and textile engineering into one small set of bookmarks. I really enjoyed organising it, what little I had to do, and I am so proud and happy to have made some new and talented friends from it!

Also, read on to the next post, about my new blogsite, Best of British; Crafters days out in Britain. Any ideas, people?


  1. Thanks Jo for organising it - I'm made up with my bookmarks! It was great to be part of such a creative set of people. Now that I have a little more time on my hands I'm going to make a little something for everyone anyhow, so look out for the postie!

  2. Dear Jo, I would be more than glad to write a review of the weekend in Bosham to your new website. I will prepare it during this week as my time allows me.
    And yes, the shoes and sunglasses had loads of action! :)

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comment. The bookmarks are all lovely, you're lucky!

  4. They all look lovely. Sorry I missed the swap. Any more in the offing (that looks funny is it a word??) Mary

  5. I'll get thinking about some places to include - there are lots around here that are lovely for a day out!

    What a good idea creating a blog around it all!

  6. The swap sounds like a wonderful idea - it's great to see which book the bookmarks are going to accompany!
    Kim x

  7. How lovely to know which book I will be in and which part of your home I reside in. This really was a lovely swap.


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