Corners of My Home

Earlier this week I spent three days working hard in the house; I tidied & cleared the boys room, the princess' palace and the upstairs toy room. I am so proud of the work I did I have to show it to you.... but one day at a time.
So, today's corner is the Princess' Palace.

We painted it pink and yellow last year. She chose the colours, and then told us off because we put the pink on the bottom and the yellow on the top! We did have the bed set up in the middle of the room, but that cut down on the available floor space for playing and also gave her a gap to fill with toys and books every chance she got. Now all the furniture is around the outside and there's a big floorspace with no little spaces to cram!

She likes playing with her dolls, especially Polly Pocket, and has a dolls' house, dolls' bed and a high chair which she sometimes staggers downstairs with. She cannot sleep without her Ellie and, God forbid, we never forget to take her on holiday or sleepovers. Ellie is the biggest baby in the cot. The others are Holly and Baby Peter.

What else does she do? She reads, at least, she has the books and looks at them a lot. She can read a little now, but she is still a little unconfident about trying to read 'real' books. Besides which, when you can read yourself, people stop reading to you at bedtime and she loves her bedtime stories.

Writing is a big favourite, too and cutting, sticking, stickers and all sorts of paper crafting. She could keep the recycling business going single-handedly... were I ever allowed to recycle any of her pieces of paper!

You can tell she's into pink, right? I always wanted my daughter to be into red, dressed her in red everychance I got and always, always bought her red shoes. It's such a disappointment to me and, what is worse, it's catching! I found myself buying pink t-shirts earlier last week and stoped to think, "I would never have done that before I had Her!"

But it's OK, I still get to buy her shoes. And red does go with everything, right?


  1. Those pictures make me want to come round to yours for a play day!
    That dolls house xx
    Red shoes xx
    And as for your book diet ....... give in to temptation - you know you want to!
    Tracy x

  2. What a wonderful girly room, I could probably play there all day!

  3. Nice to see the Dolls house, start 'em young and you'll have an addict for life :)
    Very satisfying to get your house sorted out isn't it, trouble is you have to do it all over again and again and again.......

  4. Wow! I love the little tea sets, the doll house, the cot, the crocheted blankets and my absolute favourite - those red shoes! Red shoes were what I always wanted as a little girl. Oh, and well done on the tidying of course! xx

  5. pat on the back for you and red really does go with everything - fabulous shoes! i want a pair!

  6. Love the red shoes!
    My daughter is a pink loving girly girl too, perhaps a bit of lilac from time to time but otherwise it's pink all the way. How long will her room stay that tidy??!!

  7. Snap! We seem to have identical daughters - same colour bedroom, same toys and same yearning from mum to put them in red shoes! My oldest daughter is a teenager now and loves red shoes at last (they're her favourite) so there is hope!

  8. Red shoes RULE!!!!
    I wish I had some... oh, waitaminnit.... I do!

  9. A lovely girly room - I was big on dolls when I was little, and had a little rocking cot which I kept near my bed too. :)

  10. As the proud owner of a pair of red shoes that I wear ALL the time, I can confirm that it truly does go with everything.

    Glad you took pictures, because if my little monkeys are anything to go by, the room didn't stay that lovely for long!

  11. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo little red start rite shoes. I had them, we all had them and now your babies had them. I love them so much. They are an iconic shoe.

    Love your blog, it always makes me smile.

    Cherry xxxx

  12. Lovely blog! If your princess is anything like my youngest it will not stay like that for long, but while it does its a triumph!

  13. Hello again Jo, I have just noticed your comment on my blog. I don't know why people laugh about morris dancing but they do! I was told yesterday that I must have guts to 'prance' about. Oh Well!
    Sandra. x.

  14. ahh that post made my heart melt.

    You will look back on those pictures in a few years and wonder where the time went, and why your teenage daughter wants to paint her bedroom black when pink with dollies was so cute.

    It's so nice that you cherish your princess so much!

    x rach

  15. Red shoes and a pink doll house. Wish I could go back. Sigh. :)

  16. She has the loveliest bedroom. I especially love the dolls house and dolls tea set. Very cute.

  17. What a beautiful room your daughter has - she is a lucky girl.
    My 17 year old now wears red shoes through choice!

  18. I don't suppose you'd like to come and sort out my house would you???!!!!

  19. How cute, and isn't it fun to have a princess? I have a fairy grandbaby, after raising boys and I am doing my very best to make sure she loves pink. I guess I need to be prepared for her to chose red instead....

  20. Red Start Rite shoes, it doesn't get better than that does it !!


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