Ne'er Cast a Clout til May Be Out

Ok, this post has nothing to do with May or clouts and south of Stoke all sorts of people are wondering what a clout is anyway, but it struck me today as I put on a thin stringed vest top that I had, indeed, cast my clouts and that I wasn't sure whether May the month or the bush had been out or whether taking ancient Aunt May (she's one of those whiskery old relations that everyone has) out counted. Let's hope the good weather continues for the next few months and that the summer isn't burnt out by 15th July and rain descends for the summer holidays. (You know it always happens that way, don't you?) Although, as my husband says, if this is global warming, why would anyone in Britain worry? Cafe society here we come! (That is not my opinion, I think we should worry about the polar bears. Perhaps a good hairdresser could volunteer to go and cut their hair so they don't get too hot. Someone like Herbert Howe, perhaps?)

OK, after that little detour, here is my little brain exposed for criticism.

I got parcels this week, one as a gift, one I ordered.

Firstly, my freebie from Wendy (go and say hello, please) She had an annual blogoversary prize and I won!! (You did know I won, didn't you?)

All these goodies arrived in a parcel and I opened them earlier this week, but didn't have a chance to post until today. The ribbon may be trimming a bag made from an old velvet curtain I have in mind, or a cushion for my bedroom. It may just sit around for a few months until real inspiration strikes. Beads, silver and pink, have a place marked on a t-shirt for the princess (adorning a butterfly!) The rings are pink, and at the moment aren't talking to me, but they will. The paper, I think, will find a page in my scrapbook. It has very useful colours in it.

My ordered gift was this lovely bag from Treefall designs, although if I'd known she was going to make this, I might have waited a little longer. However, mine is a lovely size for the summer, holding my most essential items (You know, the book, the magazine, the notepad, the ten pens that disappear when it's time to write anything down....) and I will have great pleasure in using it for the foreseeable future (or until I save up enough for a house bag)

I have also received all the bookmarks from the bookmark swap, and photographed them. I'm going to put my post about them out on Monday, a week later than first suggested, as then the very lovely people in the swap might have received my bookmarks to them..... it's coming, Ladies, it's coming....


  1. Ahh - Manda at Treefall....... loving her work x
    Tracy x

  2. Oh no! I feel bad that you prefer the house Tote - hmmm, maybe we can come to an arrangement. If you decide that you want a House Tote too then email me and I'll give you a special discount!
    Hope the Random Tote is ok in the mean time though, and I'm sorry it took so long getting to you!


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