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Please visit Kirstencan as she is in deep worries this weekend over her Stanley, in to see the vet & she needs all the support she can get.


  1. Well you got me there! Hot footed over to offer words of support and comfort to a fellow blogger - to find out I was dealing with metal!!However I didn't let the side down I offered my support to Stanley's cause. Love your blog (wicked sense of humour). Found you via Gill at Lucy Locket

  2. No offence taken whatsoever. I love a giggle. Thanks for your comment. Mary

  3. Thanks for your bloggerator comment.... keep up the good work (whatever it is!)

  4. lol, thanks for the link! I'm glad to see that Stanley is ok.
    I also checked her blog out because her name is the same as my daughters and it's not a common name.

  5. Oh, thank you!
    I'm happy to report that Stanley is doing well! :)

  6. Love your blog, thanks for living a comment on mine so I have found it. I have not been doing much blogging latly too busy digging up ground elder amoung other things but I'm getting back. Keep your battle up with the ground elder too its horrid.


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