Go see, go see!

I am dangerous with a computer, my husband says.
Go and visit Best of British; Crafters Days Out in Britain. I got it up & running! Alas, I'm the only post at the moment but this is an appeal.... PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAPS.... I want everyone who reads my blog and everyother cute blog in Britain to have an idea. Think of a place, post about it and let's have plenty of ideas for the summer! Gosh! I should be on 10% at least for this! What no money? Eh well, I'll settle for the kudos!


  1. You're blooming marvellous, well done! I'll try and come up with something soon....we might go to Kew Gardens next Monday which would be a good one for the list.
    Gill x

  2. Oh what a good idea. I'll try to think of something to add.


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