Summer holidays were made for....

Building tents.

We raided the garage for bamboo and wood, nicked every blanket out of the living room (can you tell I like red?) and set to work with nothing more than masking tape and wool.

We have every kind of tent I could think of;
the teepee,

the Indian summer tent (canopy only; I don't have enough white sheets to make all four sides. Princess not happy with this.)

and a traditional triangular tent with my comfiest red blanket as the roof.

And me? I don't get a tent, only a parasol that I had to buy myself, with a glass of blackcurrant (the sun's not over the yardarm yet) and a couple of magazines for company.

I predict that we are here for tea and into the night. Can't think how to do a campfire safely, and I haven't got any marshmallows so s'mores are out, but we might make do with tomato soup and burgers if it gets cold.

Ans when your tent gets boring/ cold/ too sunny, what do you do?

Move in with your brother.


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