We had to buy new uniform.

Lots of uniform. I never knew when we had 3 that it would involve so much time in the summer searching for trousers to fit, a skirt that passes Her rigorous level of approval and so many shirts that the thought of how many name tapes I have to sew in already makes my index finger sore, even though I haven't threaded the needle yet.
But we did make it to the Build A Bear Workshop for a little window shopping, and BHS for afternoon tea. Scone, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Yum.


  1. Scones and Jam.... yum indeed! I used to HATE school uniform shopping - ages spent in John Lewis bored stiff!

  2. We've got to go uniform shopping next week. Luckily (though expensively) it all has to be bought from one particular shop so hopefully won't take too long. Think I'll go for the cream tea reward afterwards too, yum!


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