A New Organiser....

A new organised me? I don't think so. As anyone who has ever taken part in a swap with me knows, I do not make deadlines. I don't altogether know what day it is most times. And I can't tell you what the kids are up to today, let alone tomorrow or next week.
But I love organising things; filofax, notebooks, diaries. Part of my problem is the quest for the perfect organising tool. It doesn't exist, I know that, but I still seek the best diary, calender, folder or filing system. Perhaps, like the Holy Grail, it can only be claimed by somebody truly pure in heart. Oh, well, counts me out. I only want to get organised to make more time for myself. Actually, if I don't bother getting organised and just don't care, I'll have loads of time. Might try that approach this year.

But until I really can't be bothered, I'll keep searching.

My current organiser is a pocket filofax. I had a pretty poppy covered one, but it got damaged and the ringbinder in the middle fell out. Yesterday in Chester I priced up a new one. £20 at least for a mock leather or a canvas bound pictorial one! They were OK, but just not me. Think again, try again.

I replaced the old binding with the outer cover of a favourite notebook, pretty much just by brute force and by using my thumbnails. It seems to have worked. I don't think it will last forever, but it will last until it falls off and by then I will either have moved on to the next all-singing, all-dancing organisational tool, or just get another cover to replace this one with.

And the cost of my new, suits-me-so-well filofax? Well, assuming that I already had the full value out of the notebook (and I did)


A truly frugal little exercise.
And my whole handbag coordinates, don't you think?


  1. Polka dots - how could you resist? Looks gorgeous!

  2. I love this and what a great idea. I have used a Filofax like yours for years ~ now I know how to give it an update ~ might have to treat myself to a new bag though to get that whole coordinated effect!

  3. Yes, correctly.


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