A late Spring Cleaning was called for....

I am no domestic Superwoman. I manage a little dusting and as little vacuuming as I can as much as I can.... which is strange, since I appreciate a clean and sparkling house as much as the next woman.... I'm just not sure I should need to do the work.

But this week has been almost spring-like in my cleaning. I find myself pulling out and sorting cupboards, drawers, bags and the bottom of settees with a zeal that is frightening (I am NOT nest building, I will never need to nest build again)

There was the strange case of the loo in the daytime (Mr K never noticed that the walls had changed colour until later that evening; at which point he asked me what time that night I had managed to do the painting; normal service will be resumed as soon as possible)

The kitchen has had a good wipe over and the living room had a corner cleared. But of all my work this week the one I am most proud of is my bedroom.

I love my bedroom; it is possibly my favourite room in the house. Everything in it is chosen for its meaning or its beauty, a lot of them were gifts or inherited and I don't think I could easily part with them. Except if someone offered to buy me a loft appartment in New York and I needed to buy bigger closets there. I'd manage that, somehow.

The bedhead, wardrobes and chests of drawers were bought before we married and delivered 3 weeks after the ceremony. They take me back to the days of living out of a suitcase in our own house, sitting on deck chairs and watching black and white TV. Happy days!

The ottoman was Mr K's uncles; we inherited it off him last year. It's filled, of course, with spare bedding, including the blanket I crocheted. I will, eventually, paint it a softer colour, possibly white or pink, but the sage green does for now

The pram was The Princess' first dolls pram. She got it when she was about 18 months. It's such a cute little wicker one, I had to keep it. It has my own Teddy, Toby and some of my dolls from childhood. Yes, they are Sasha dolls, including a naked one. She is awaiting clothes.

The dried flower picture is frommy wedding bouquet. My Mum arranged for it to be dried and framed. I love it; it was red roses and white freesias. It smelled so good the day after the wedding, that it seemed a shame to go on honeymoon. But, Florence beckoned (I am a Room with a View fan) so, off we went.

My bedside table has some of my favourite books and a whole load of Persephone Classics. It was lovely today to see them featured in the Mail on Sunday. I love their elegant (cerebral, the paper described them as,) covers. They go with blue, pink, yellow and green. Truly adaptable books, suit any room scheme!

The dolls (bought) are me and the Princess; the black cat I made at 11 in needlework lessons in school. I made a whole family; Mum, Dad and little kitten with a matchbox suitcase and a set of clothes. I fiddled every Wednesday for a term to make everything the cool cat needs. Unfortunately, I also played with them for years. Black Kitten is the only bit left.

The dressing table is a tall chest of drawers. I love a busy table; this one is packed with everything I need to keep me looking human. The lace doily was handmade by Mr K's grandmother; the crystal clock was our 15th anniversary present off my parents, the crystal pots were gleaned from charity shops and family whenever I got the chance.

And, finally, on the door are these little Bunnies. I made them for Mr K and me when we were two. His name's Peter, Peter rabbit, see? I used to joke that we would call the kids Jessica and Roger, with Stuart (known as Stu)as an alternative. No, we didn't. I loved fiddling with Fimo. I must get some out. Fimo hearts sounds like fun.


  1. Must be something in the air. Since the decorating of Miss L's bedroom, I have also been hauling things out of cupboards and dusting and making trips to charity shops and the local tip! My bedroom is next on my list as it has gone beyond the title of 'cluttered'. Well done you - it's all looking lovely and loved. x


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