Yes, there are six children in the house.

So far this afternoon I have connected up the new modem (computer still not working; only my laptop. That's MY laptop; they can't use it), decided on a green and cream theme for my downstairs loo, posted replies to all the blogs I've read today and had three cups of tea. There are six children in my care. Look at the lunch they had... count them... SIX!!!

They are so good and lovely I may possibly get a chance to read a book.... or is that too optimistic?

They're friends who live for most of the year in Abu Dhabi and only come back in the summer.

The ages match mine almost exactly, one 11, one 9 and one 6, while the genders match, too.

And every summer we meet up it is as if the last year has never happened. They play together. They eat with gusto. And they part for the next 12 months quite happy with their friendship.


  1. That's so sweet! It's so wonderful that they can pick right back up where they left off.

    I'm totally coveting that clothes line in the backyard. Sigh.


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