It's still August....

So why does my heart feel like September?

My Mum gave me some nectarines and pears today, from France, where she has been on her holidays.
I was going to photograph them this afternoon and only just now got the camera out. It's seven o'clock, and as I tried to get the light to be... well, light enough, it occurred to me that the evenings of long golden sunlight are fading fast.

Only 3 weeks until school. Half a holiday gone......

We shopped today for pens and pencils, new pencil cases and a mobile phone. Moving on, always moving on. You have to buy now because come September the aisles are full of Halloween stuff.... and all too soon Christmas. The dreaded C word. I don't remember summer's lease having this short a date when I was young. Perhaps I need to slow down.

Connected to slowing down, in a manner of speaking, I got this today. Economy Gastronomy. The series is running on BBC2 at the moment and, since I enjoyed last week's episode and recognised a style of cooking I try to do (make one meal stretch for three) I got the book. It's not bad. The big basis is that you have a bedrock recipe eg a minced beef ragu and use it, either that week or frozen into another week, for at least two tumbledown recipes. I try to do this, but call it Main Meal and Resurrection food. Last night's TV meal was a beef daube that became a pasta sauce and pasties. I will be trying that one for sure, I have a thing going with pasties at the moment.

The programme's aim is to cut food bills down. Since last night's family spent £ 330 A WEEK on food, there was a lot of cutting that could be done. Me, I try and keep the food down below £100.... am I starving my kids?

No ready meals, no instant dial takeaway, no every body eats alone and different. It's like a return to (hateful phrase) 'Family Values', which is long overdue. In my house there are two choices for dinner; take it or leave it. Oh, apart from if it's pesto pasta, which I don't like, and then I'm happy to make myself something else. Who said hypocrite?


  1. Oh I loved this post. I need to watch this programme, I have a budget of 150 for me and the boys but as I am a single parent I am finding it hard with the increase in all things so I thing I might have to invest, yes another few pounds free in the purse each week would make me very happy. Thank you for sharing.

    PS No worries about the Christmas swap, these things happen, did you get mine OK.

  2. This made me laugh - it's take it or leave it in our house too. Can't believe someone could spend that much money on their food shop per week! Ours comes in at about £120 but that includes two lots of nappies and other baby related paraphernalia.

  3. I like the take it or leave it (unless its something you dont like LOL!) Summer definately seems shorter than it used to be, but when we were children werent Summers always hot and in December there was always lovely thick snow? (or am I making that up because thats how Id like to remember it). I think the shops spoil Christmas by starting too soon, as by the time it arrives Ive had enough of it. Having said that, I have started buying some non perishable food each week to put away to save abit of money nearer the time. So far we have a tin of chestnuts....Wowee! X

  4. It's crazy about the cost of food. I can barely keep it under $100 for me, my husband, and baby. Especially when you are trying to go organic.


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