Fridays in Half term; normality will be resumed..... eventually

The week has flown past, hasn't it? And I can't believe it's school again on Monday!
But in the meantime, I mean to use my last few days wisely.

In drinking chai and meditating.  I took my son, James to a revision lesson at his school this morning so on the way home I stopped off at the park and had my chai and 10 quiet minutes. I watched the dogs playing and the rain raining and returned home feeling very chilled.

And then I started on a tidy up. Usually I run a mile from cleaning and tidying, but this hadn't been done for a while and needed to be done; I have sorted my kitchen cupboards. Really. I have emptied and binned the out of date food, lined the shelves and placed the stuff back in (with a slight fiddle to reorganise them more ergonomically) and I am happy.

No, more than happy. I am pleased with the result.

The red pvc is my old table cloth that got ripped by a stray plastic storage box and was therefore not going to stay on the table. I measured and stapled and the result is very fetching. Not quite lace edged shelves, but definitely shelves with class.

Only the mugs cupboard left to do, but I grabbed a cuppa and settled to the 'puter just to show you the result so far.

 Above is my spice cupboard; the one you open and grab the salt or pepper from to add to cooking. I don't keep the spices there...

The baking cupboard. I swapped the position of this in the kitchen. With Sarah being such a keen baker, we needed more room for the resources she uses. The top cupboard has the ingredients,

 This work surface holds a variety of stuff that she uses. The small polka dot drawers have small cookie cutters in.

And the full effect; everything she needs to make me a little something for fika all in one place. We're missing some cocoa powder, so I'll put that on the next shopping list.

The mugs cupboard. There are five people in the house and..... well, I dread to count how many mugs we have. Enough. More than enough.

Talking mugs, I still haven't heard from Brocante Home and the way-overdue download. As far as I can work out, nobody who ordered it has received it. And I have heard nothing since the weekend.  Sad faces, here. All I wanted was a message to say when it would be ready. So, friends, advice please; do I start a case against Brocante Home for non-delivery of a product that I have paid for, or shall I sit tight and be patient? I don't want to be horrible, but I would probably have started something against a person I didn't 'know' selling a physical product.
But I was trawling for another 'uber' blogger to read and came across Kimberly Wilson, a Yogini and lifestyle blogger from Washington DC. Her site is good for mindfulness and living well. Oh, and she has a massive thing for pink, I think. I've bookmarked it and I will be reading through the archives, while I spent an Amazon voucher on her book, Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life on and Off the Yoga Mat and will be reading it, mindfully, during the weekend.

And another blogger I found is Abigail Alice. This young, pretty 24 year old lives in Liverpool and blogs about life and fashion. And I taught her when she was 5 (and just as beautiful!) I may never visit her blog again, but I had to share the link just to say that I am so proud of her. I wish I knew what my other old pupils were up to. It's the drawback of teaching the lower reaches of the school; pupils sometimes go back to their senior school to visit, but rarely if ever the KS1 department. Time passes, the teachers change, and they were different people then. It's lovely to know that the child has grown into a useful and very talented member of society.


  1. I think it's terrible that you still haven't got an answer about your download, all it needs is to let people know what's happening, how hard is that? We're all aware that life throws us curveballs and if it isn't ready, well, there's not alot we can do, but just tell the people who have paid their hard earned cash. I often see Daniel and Eleanor's primary school teachers as I only live round the corner from the school and see them walking to or from work whilst I'm walking Archie. They always ask about them and are interested in how they're doing. I don't know all the teachers now as some have left but there's still quite a few of them there. Your cupboards look lovely with the pvc lining.

    1. Thank you for all the wise words. It's funny, but as a teacher you become terribly proud of the children you've taught; not that you claim credit for them, but that it's lovely to find out that they're doing well for their sakes.

  2. It is sometimes very rewarding when you tidy out a cupboard....I did our kitchen cupboards at Easter...The shelving looks great by the way!
    and don't talk to me about mugs! xxx

    1. Would you like some? I have plenty; including 4 for my David who NEVER drinks hot drinks!

  3. Your cupboards are looking fantastic! Doesn't it feel great - and very cathartic - to see your shelves all tidied out? It always makes me wonder why I don't do it more often! Have you tried emailing Brocante Home again? There may genuinely be a problem at her end, but I would think that if you paid by credit card you might be able to get a refund from the credit card company for non-delivery of items; you'd have to speak to them about their policy. It's such a shame, especially when you've been looking forward to something. I hope you get it sorted out xx

    1. I'm giving her until Tuesday, when I have an afternoon free to chase the information I need. I'm wondering if she's got connection troubles or something. But then, it's a simple job to sit in a cafe and send a message, and the etsy shop has disappeared at the moment. Mysteries!

      But in the meantime my cupboards are keeping me happy :-)

  4. Great cupboard organisation!!! You have some lovely tins and containers for things! xx

    1. A pretty rose tin makes it easier to store things like food colouring and cupcake cases in a stylish way. Sarah loves a decent set of food colourings.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your issues with the download, that's really disappointing. I might give it another week and then try to do something about it. I think it's a shame when you have to get on top of people that way but sometimes you have no choice. I hope it works out for you. I have to tell you that I'm sort of drooling looking at your shelves. The tablecloth is a perfect choice for covering the shelves; you can wipe it down easily if something spills. You did a great job organizing everything. I love organizing, especially my pantry. It feels good to clear out and straighten up. I hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. Your shelves look fantastic and good to be able to re-use that tablecloth too. What a shame about Brocante Home. You would have thought it would be a simple matter to email your customers to tell them there is a problem and that you'll try to resolve it ASAP. When you hear nothing from a seller, it makes you think the worst, doesn't it? I hope it gets sorted soon xx

  7. I can't believe that after you had that comment from Alison on your post about contacting you you still haven't hear from her, I think that's disgraceful. I hope you get the download and a refund for all the hassle, not a good way to run a business.
    I shall go and investigate the blogs you mention, a bit of new reading can lead you to interesting places.
    Your shelves are looking splendid, I love a good sort.
    Lisa x


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