Bank Holiday Meal Planning

Monday; Today. I had Hairy Biker's Cheat's Doner Kebabs planned, and then we went out for the day and I asked my eldest (17) what he wanted me to do with the mince and he said lasagne. I avoid lasagne like the plague (it's fussy, it takes ages, I never quite get the pasta cooked through) but we took a deep breath and went for it. It was lovely.

Tuesday; Chicken bake. I have to joint a whole chicken because Mr AJ says it is the cheapest way to buy chicken at Aldi. I know it is, but, really, somedays the last thing I feel like doing is jointing a bloody chicken. I suppose I can always stick Mr AJ's face on it and get some anger therapy at the same time.

Wednesday; Chow Mein. Noodles and bits with soy sauce. Yum.


Friday; We are out at a quiz night with a free hotpot supper provided. I am going to make cheese on toast as a tide-me-over beforehand. I think I might zhuzh mine up into welsh rarebit.

Saturday; Pork. I shall slice the pork and coat it in breadcrumbs to make schnitzel and have pork schnitzel with homemade coleslaw and  something for tea. No, I don't know what the something is.

Sunday; We are celebrating Number 1 Son's Boys Brigade Queen's Badge ceremony. we have  to go to Preston for it, having been to church beforehand for creche and with Mr AJ going on to church afterwards for a sidespersons service. Busy day. Very. I feel like ordering pizza (or getting from Sainsbury's where they have really nice big ones at two for a lot less) Somethng easy and delicious.

I am joining in with At Home with Mrs M who hasn't actually got a post up with her meal plans yet. Perhaps I'm actually really meal planning alone then. Anyhow, if you do Meal Planning Monday, leave a link in the comments below. No way am I getting a Linky's tool to do links yet. I am not a. that posh b. that bothered.


  1. I've never commented on your meal plans before but I enjoy reading them. I wonder if you can buy no-boil lasagna noodles there? I switched over for the same reasons you state. You have to use a little extra sauce to make sure it comes out moist but it works really well and it's a lot easier. Just an idea, not that you asked for one, ha. :)

  2. I wouldn't even know where to start with jointing a chicken so I am very impressed by this talent of yours!
    Your weeks are getting busier, I like the pizza idea, always like a pizza idea mind you.
    Have a good week.
    Lisa x

  3. You made me laugh with your comment about jointing a chicken. Yes he's right about it costing less overall but not worth the time and the bother if you're already flipping busy! Which it looks like you are. Meeting yourself coming back as my grandma would say. Every available shortcut is my mantra for weeks like yours!

  4. I really really need to plan. and I'm with you on lasagne. love it, but oh the fuss......... you should try doing it with gluten free lasagne sheets, if you par boil they disintegrate, if you don't then you have cardboard lasagne.....


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