Meal Planning Monday

My my how time flies! It doesn't seem a week since my last weekly meal plan. Barely seven days?
I have more applications to do; more online torments to undergo. I want to learn how to design free printables (and some I can charge for) for Childminders. Ho hum.

But Monday it is, and here is the list for the week.

Monday; Tuna Pasta. From Apples for Jam, one of my favourite cook books. I loved it enough to review it on Amazon and I keep it just to look at the pictures and dream of having a recipe book that captures a childs' eye view so well.
Tuesday; Sausages with Cheese pie, well, mash with a toasted cheese topping. An idea from the hairy Bikers. Love them.
Wednesday; Spicy Bean pot with baked potato. A warm but not rampaging hot chilli.
Thursday; Moroccan Chicken with rice. A St Delia classic. She made hers with lemons; I use rather less citric fruit.
Friday; For the kids; Meatball marinara sub with chips, homemade not from Subway. The Co-op make nice meatballs or I may make fresh. For us, either rib eye steak (a favourite Friday treat) or sweet chilli salmon steak with mash and broccoli.
Saturday; Meal at my Mother's
Sunday; A lunch time birthday party means we can have cheese on toast. If I'm feeling fancy, I may fiddle and make Welsh rarebit. Love it.


  1. Tues is tuna pasta bake night every week in our house. It's one of the days I work and G always does this for the children. It's simple and they love it.
    I used to buy the quorn swedish meatballs and then they changed the recipe and they all went off them! I now buy the co-op ones they love those, although they didn't like the sweet chilli ones that they trialled recently.
    Lisa x


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