Slipping Through my Fingers....

I think I posted this song before, but I can't remember was it here or on Facebook. Never mind. It stands repetition.

My youngest baby has gone to PGL for 4 nights. Yes, she will be fine. Yes, I will be fine. Think I'm deaf but feel fine. She looked so happy going off, how could I be sad? And she has Piggy so she won't be afraid at night. Time is always slipping through my fingers.

Speaking of slipping through my fingers, I have to point you to BBC iplayer and the wonderful Book of the Week this week, The Reason I Jump. Written by a 13 year old autistic boy it is just such an insight into a condition that creates isolation even as the child seeks to be part. Listen to the last few minutes as he explains in his own words why he jumps. Heart breaking. Wonderful. Inspirational. All three at once.


  1. This is one of my favourite Abba songs, I just love the words. I'm sure your daughter will have a fantastic time, though the house was always so quiet when either of mine were away. Off to check out the iplayer link now.


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