Meal Planning Monday

My my the weeks fly by. Princess is away for the week, so all meals are only for 4.

Mon; Macaroni Cheese. Or it might just be spaghetti and a sauce. Lazy, lazy.
Tues; Sausage roast. Or toad in the hole. Princess doesn't like toad in the hole.
Wed; Chicken thighs with mini roastini. In homage to Nigella (poor lady; give her a break and let her figure out what to do without badgering her) that means fried gnocchi.
Thurs; Pork kebabs with homemade barbecue sauce. OK that's tomato ketchup and some sugar, in translation. Wimbledon's on, it's got to be quick and easy!
Fri; Burgers and chips for the kids, probably salmon risotto for us!


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