Meal planning Monday

I have read  At Home with Mrs M's Meal Planning Mondays for ages now and always meant to join in. I always plan my meals for the week because I send Mr K out shopping, so it helps to be organised. And today is the day (procrastination, did I hear you say? You betcha! I have applications to do, so I'm trying to find something to do. Anything will do. Don't worry, I'm going back to my fevered computer work in a minute) so here goes;

Mon; Meatballs and spaghetti, with a tomato sauce

Tues; Sausage bake with red peppers and rataouille served with rice
Wed; Breaded chicken using chicken thighs served with baked potatoes and sweet potatoes
Thurs; Fish served with roast potato cubes and a pepper tomato mush
Fri; Homemade pizza for the children, risotto con funghi e parma for us. Nice glass of cider to wash it down with.
Sat; Probably tea at my parents.
Sun; I fancy marmalade pork as made by Jamie. May have to downscale if a child offers to make tea for me.


  1. I'm impressed, I just can't seem to get in to meal planning. I have things in the fridge or freezer for the week, but I play it by ear each day. Roast pork for us tonight as we rarely have a roast on a Sunday so we have Sunday dinner on Monday.

  2. That makes good sense to me; Sunday on Monday may be what we do next week if a child cooks. Meal planning is just a habit and an attempt to make sure I don't spend a lot of money!!!

  3. Great variety, I love the sound of the pork too mmm x

  4. That marmalade pork sounds lovely!!
    Fab meal plan!!
    Have a great week x


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