Putting my beads on display....

I have a load of necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc like any other woman I suppose, and a daughter who has taken to beading like a duck to water. My cases were full, my drawers packed with beads and I couldn't see clearly what I had and what I wanted to wear.
This state of affairs was obviously unacceptable, so I sought an answer.

This is the doppleganger for my noticeboard... I'm thinking of vamping up this one as well!
In the study we had a blue noticeboard. It was functional, but ugly, and the dark blue wouldn't match my bedroom either as it is or as I hope for it to be after decorating. Revamping seemed like a good idea.

The frame surprised me, as it had been sealed around the board. No easy manoeuvre like changing a picture here then. I took the frame apart and got to work
I am not left handed, so I needed my right hand to take the photo!

My staple gun is a new purchase. I have some upholstery in mind, soon, but covering the board was a good starter project. I kept the fabric taut using push pins and stapled the corners carefully.

Wrapping tape holds the spare fabric close to the board.

Ta daa! Ready to use.
Another couple of staples fixed the frame back in place and the fun part could start. I used black push pins to give me versatile hooks and a useful make up bag for bracelets. My earrings are stuck through lacy doilies made by an ancestor who was a prolific crocheter (not my ancestor, but my husband's) and secured with heart warming red ladybird pins.

The push pins hold most stuff well. See the doilies for the earrings?
Now I can see my jewellery collection, it's easy and quick to choose and because it is in a small, dark corner the board isn't 'in your face', but quite discreet. I'm happy that I did it and, best of all, it was free to do with bits and bobs from around the house!

Right next to the wardrobe, too, so coordination is easy.


  1. It looks great. I wear very little jewellery, but Eleanor has enough to open her own shop with.

  2. In halls, one side of our good-sized rooms were corkboard from the waist-up and a friend (who had an inordinate amount of scarves and jewellery) did the same thing. It covered up the corkboard (by sheer number in her case) and gave her somewhere to keep her things. I like the fabric and that you can match it to your room when decorated!

    Tash from vintagepretty.org

  3. You new make looks lovely, such a pretty fabric. I made something similar but it wasn't big enough for all my stuff! I like idea of the doilies for the ear-rings.
    Lisa x


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