Afternoon tea..... How civilised! But what recipe did I use????

I have a confession to make; sometimes I am a hopeless baker. I don't mean I can't, I mean I will try a recipe and love it, but forget which recipe I used.

 Take the tea loaf here. I know it didn't use tea, I know it had spices in and took about 40 min to cook, and I know my daughter loved it because it had no raisins in..... but I forgot to mark it down, or put it in my recipe box. Bad Mummy.

 It will have to live in our memory as a lovely and unique experience. Until I find it again. And I will, I promise. One day.

Post Script; I knew I had it somewhere! It was in my recipe box, just not in the right place. You can find it here on my recipe blog.


  1. I've just had a cuppa and a slice of that would have been the right little snack!
    Lisa x


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