I keep on trying.... In and out of the Cuban Filofax

I'm still mad busy with applications. No interviews, no chances. I am not doing well at getting full time work. But I keep trying.

I'm back in my favourite Matt Malden. I have been through Mr Chameleon and Antonio my red hot Chilli Cuban,

 but I always keep coming back to Matt. I keep on trying, but he is the One.
 And I did give Antonio a good go; he is set up beautifully.

 Here is the eye candy to prove.

 Look at the washi tape;

 look at the top tabs,

 just look



*sigh* Perhaps if I had full time work and a larger bag everyday I would........ but A5 is just too big for day to day use. I keep on trying. I keep on trying.


  1. I love my crimson Malden, I'm more than happy to stay in it. I use it as my carry around filofax, and my a5 red Chameleon is my household filofax. Good luck with the applications, keep on trying, I'm sure there's a full time job out there with your name on it.

  2. As a relief (Supply) teacher in this little corner of the Commonwealth, your telephone would never stop ringing and it would - if you wanted it to be - almost like full time work. In fact you could have a full time -term - semester or year contract. Most relief teachers I know do not want full time work and will limit the number of days they will accept work.

    I have a Cuban Zip and I am reluctant to use it because I stuff so much into my Malden that if I did the same with the Cuban Zip I would never get it closed - so it site on the shelve looking abandoned. One day !!


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