Unemployed or unemployable?

I will not be at the same school after Easter. Shame. I liked knowing where I was every day. I liked knowing I could be there to pick up & that I was going to get money every week.

But that's supply work. When I said yes I knew this was a temporary job. I knew it might be two weeks or twenty... but I hoped for the twenty. Never mind, I enjoyed my two weeks, I can have a slob day again now and I will go back onto supply next term.

On a brighter note, I went to Oxfam books today and for the price of 2 paperbacks got all of these...

I nearly bought two of them as holiday reads last year.... so glad I didn't....

then as I was passing out the door I saw a small blue box marked £8 the lot.. which had 2 small tapestry frames, a couple of hand held embroidery hoops and this instrument of torture....

a table top frame. Worth the money on its own, I thought. With the two half-done embroideries and some threads, I feel really chuffed. A veritable bargain day!

So I spent my savings on a coffee frappucino with almond syrup.... Mmmmm

And, finally I couldn't resist this embarassing picture. It's my two watching a film with 3D glasses on. Finally JW turned to DP and said, "I can't see any difference, can you?" It took some persuasion to get him to believe that it needs to be a 3D film before they work... either that, or they're searching for void particles.... (T minus 2 days and counting.... for any other Who fans out there...)


  1. I just love buying books I want at charity shops - I think the enjoyment factor is somewhat heightened! And hey if you hate it - you can just give it back!

  2. Good Oxfam bargains!

    I'm sooo looking forward to the good Doctors return on Saturday too.... I shall be there, behind my sofa waiting!!!

  3. DW!!!! Can't wait I have missed my Tennant fix! Not sure about the new girl though. Hmmm, shall have to wait and see.

  4. Dr Who fans...not us - we have only been counting down since the christmas episode!!!!
    Don't you just love bargains. You seem to have hit the jackpot.
    My youngest two were watching a 3D movie with glasses but they kept falling off. So they blue tacked them to the bridge of their noses. LOL

  5. We've got a Oxfam books at Cardiff, it's so well stocked and near the train station so it's always my last stop after a day around town.

  6. Enjoy your time off for a while, before you know it you'll be back at work and juggling to fit it all in again!
    I love books too, I always buy at charity shops,it's the thrill of not knowing what you'll find. All the new books seem to end up there eventually!


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