Daffodils? Not that many!

We went to Wales this weekend, 18 members of our family including a Fairy Godmother, 4ft 6, cuddly and addicted to whiskey and lemonade (go easy on the lemonade, though) and 9 under 15's. We all met together on Friday for a meal in the hotel restaurant and again on Saturday night when the youngsters had a film & food night in a bedroom while the grown-ups (including a stunning-looking 16 year old niece; am I really that old now?) went to a dinner dance in a function room below. Did we have a good weekend? Well, apart from the fact my daughter has a touch of something cystitisable and needs the toilet every 25 minutes, yes we did. It is always good to meet up as a large group, as many as possible and spend time as a family. The food was lovely... is there any better food than proper Welsh lamb? I suspect it's a bit like Guinness, they keep the best stuff at home and only export the next-best. I love lamb, and Saturday's was wonderful. The only disappointing part of the meal for me was the bread and butter pudding. I love making this at home,and was expecting something similar, but it suffers from mass-production and was too wet and woolly to be decent B&B pud. But that's a small gripe in an otherwise glorious weekend.
Saturday we visited Llandudno and walked along the sea-front. Although it was sunny, there was a breeze coming in off the ocean and we soon moved onto the main shopping street. Llandudno is un-pretentious. It doesn't do very 'posh' shops, so no Cath Kidston on immediate display, and it does have an old-fashioned air, but it does have little independent shops you don't see elsewhere and a good range of Charity shops. I wish I'd had time alone to browse, but with a Hubby and three kids who don't 'get' shopping, I was lucky to get 10 minutes with The Princess in a kitchen shop. She does like her cookie cutters! We bought an elephant, a teddy, a boy and a girl and a full set of heart cookies in every size possible. She chose the red set, there was a silver set, too, but she knows what I like. I treated myself to prongs for turning my bacon and a wooden spatula, since my last one broke de-frosting the freezer and I bought a pink silicon spoon to go with the Princess's pink mixing bowl. Later today, I need to get eggs and we are having a marathon bake-in tomorrow.
Ps I wanted to upload a few more pictures, but Blogger is just being so slow today. I'm going to upload the to flickr if it's any quicker. You can see my photos under the name Angel Jem. Hope you like them!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love big family get togethers. I went to Llandudno a few times when I used to live in Liverpool and remember that it was very nice.
    Hope you enjoy your baking. It's always even better when you have new tools.

  2. Thank you for the lovely heart you made and sent me. I absolutely loved it - it was so cheerful and beautiful. I loved the butterflies and the heart you havewe embroidered- and the gingham fabric. You are very clever. And the edible hearts were a treat as well.

  3. glad you had a good time in Wales, the best country ever.. or am I just being biased !! HEE Hee


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